Road King is the dream bike for every rider. But many customers have complained about the handlebars of Road King.

If you are too tall, you will have trouble maneuvering the bike with the handler bars.

The road king handlebars aren’t user-friendly for short people either.

That is why so many people upgrade the Road King handlebars.

If you are looking for alternatives for your Road King handlebars, we have got your back.

Here are some handlebars you can install on your Road King to maximize comfort.

Most Comfortable Handlebars for Your Road King

Below is the list of top-quality handlebars for your Road King motorcycle.

1.     Wild 1 WO518

If you are taller than 5’6″, these bars will work perfectly for you.

The Wild 1 handlebar has a chrome finish and a stylish design. They look great with a Road King bike.

In terms of functionality, these handlebars have a great grip. The rider’s hands won’t slip off these bars even if the hands get sweaty.

It only takes 1 to 2 hours to install them. Because of the pre-drilled holes, you only have to do the bare minimum to install Wild 1 handlebars.

The bars provide rest and comfort to your wrist. Your wrist won’t be strained or numb after riding the bike.

2. Bagger Brothers Chrome Ape Hanger Handlebars

Bagger brother chrome handlebars are manufactured only for road king bikes. They complement the design and style of a Harley Road King.

Made of pure steel, these handlebars boast an attractive chrome finish.

Chrome Ape handlebars are the perfect size for your road king. They are not too long or short.

These bars weigh only ten pounds each. Hence, they make it easy for you to drift and turn the bike around corners.

Chrome ape handlebars will work well with an electronic clutch as well.

However, if you have a hydraulic clutch, bagger brothers handlebars won’t be the best choice for you.

3.  XKMT- Harley H-d 14″ Handlebars

If you are looking for durable handlebars, the XKMT- Harley H-D 14″ Handlebars are the one for you.

These handlebars have a sharp outlook and shiny surface.

The XKMT handlebars are available in black and chrome finish. But if you don’t like the colors, you can just repaint these handlebars.

4.  FMB MHBM10FMB Hellbent Custom Ape Hangers

The sleek and matte black finish of the hellbent custom ape hangers makes these handlebars so unique.

They are small and compact handlebars. Perfect for extensive tours, the handlebars will save your hands and wrists from all kinds of pain during riding.

The FMB MHBM 10 FMB bars offer excellent support and grip on the rider’s hands.

Manufactured from steel, these handlebars have 11/4-inch diameter steel tubing. The steel tubing gives the handlebars extra support from within. It also saves them from decay.

Unlike other handlebars in this list, the FMB ones are difficult to install. You should hire a professional to install these.

5.     Khrome Werks 1″ Handlebar

For riders with back pain, Khrome Handlebars are ideal. These lightweight handlebars help riders maintain an upright positions while riding the bike. Hence saving them from back problems.

Suitable for riders of all heights, the Khrome Handlebars are strong and sturdy.

These handlebars enhance the grip of hands during riding. They also provide excellent control and comfort on the road.

Khrome Werks handlebars have smooth curves for an ergonomic design.

Guide To Choose the Best Handlebars for Your Road King

Now that you have looked at the best handlebars, it’s time for you to choose one.

Below are some guidelines you should keep in mind.

  1. Always choose handlebars that are compatible with your height and arm’s length.
  2. Read customer reviews of the handlebars before you buy them.
  3. If you are conflicted about two choices, select the one that has more durability and an easier installation process.
  4. If you cannot figure out the installation process, contact a professional mechanic.
  5. Handlebars with pre-drilled holes are easy to install. They should be your go-to choice.


Are Road Kings Comfortable?

Harley Davidson Road Kings are the most comfortable bikes you can find in the market. The Road King bikes are comfortable for both long and short rides. From the design to the seat foam, everything is manufactured for the ultimate comfort of the rider.

Are Ape Handlebars Comfortable?

If you are tall, ape handlebars will work well for you. They provide support to long arms and protect the shoulders from pain.

For riders with average heights and short arms. Ape handlebars might not be comfortable.

Are Higher Handlebars More Comfortable on Motorcycles?

No. Higher handlebars are not always more comfortable on motorcycles. Sometimes, higher handlebars can strain your elbows and shoulders.

Why Are They Called Ape Hangers?

Ape hangers have a long height. The rider has to stretch out to grasp the ape handlebars. Hence the name ape hangers.


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