Bike riding may seem fun but one should also take care of their safety. It seems fun and amazing but it can be very dangerous. 

Though some riders put a lot of thought into their motorcycle accessories such as helmets, suits, they also carry a knife along with them.

That knife is not only used to protect the bikers but also to open cans of food or to cut off branches stuck in wheels.

Bikers either carry these knives openly or hold them in a sheath. However, we recommend that a knife should always be easily accessible to keep oneself from danger.

For that purpose, we have enlisted down 5 of the best knife mounts that you can choose from. Read on.

1.  In the Belt

A biker requires that his knife is readily available to him at the time of need. For that purpose, it is a requirement of every biker to have a small, sharp blade that they can easily attach to their belt. In that way, whenever the situation requires the use of a knife, it can easily be accessed.

2.  Mount on the Leg

Bikers customize mounts that are attached to their legs. They keep small blade knives that are easily accessible to them at all times. 

They are mostly placed on the sides from where the rider can easily take them out.

If the rider is left-handed, he will wear the mount on his left leg so he can easily take it out.

3.  Knife Holder on the Handle of the Bike

Many bikers have custom knife mounts on the front handle of their bikes.

The customization of these mounts is so stylish that it gives a more rugged look to the bike.

They have been customized in a way that can give easy access to the knife to the biker.

4.  Mount Near the Engine

Bikers usually carry their knife mounts near the engine.  These knives are mostly bigger in size and cannot be carried at the belt.

But because of their sharp blade and perfect grip handle, the bikers prefer these knives and you can too.

5.  Under the Seat

A knife can easily be placed underneath the seat of the motorcycle. For that purpose, the mount underneath the seat of the motorcycle gives the biker an easy reach for their knives whenever they require it.


A knife is a requirement for every biker.  When packing their riding gear, they should keep a sharp, well-formed knife with them at all times.  This shall protect them and help them as a tool for different purposes.


Why Do Bikers Carry Knives?

On traveling long distances, bikers have to face many obstacles.  They require a tool that can be used for their survival as well as for utility purposes.

Therefore, they carry a sharp pocket knife which they can use on the attackers.  And also, they can be used for opening food cans or cutting branches or for repairing bikes.

What Knives Do Bikers Need?

Following are some knives that bikers usually need:

  • CRKT CEO Folding Pocket Knife
  • Spyderco Para Military 2 G-10 Knife
  • Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556 Folding Knife
  • SOG Tactical Escape Knife
Which Side Do You Wear a Knife?

The knife sheath is mostly worn on the side from where the rider can easily access it.  If the rider is right-handed, he will wear it on the right side, otherwise the left.

What Kind of Knife Did Jax Teller Carry?

Jax carried K-Bar. It is a United States knife usually issued to the US Army or US Navy.

Is a Knife a Good Defense Weapon?

Yes, a knife is a good defense weapon. At times of being attacked, having a small pocket knife at hand can cause more damage to your attacker as compared to a punch or a kick. 


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