Still confused by the question, “Which cam should I buy?” Don’t worry you have landed on the perfect place to get the answers!

When it comes to accessing the working capacity of an engine, camshafts are a perfect indicator.

There is no hard and fast rule on picking a camshaft for your motorcycle. However, a large ratio still gets stuck between Andrew 57h and Woods 555 cams when it comes to selecting a cam for their Harley.

Let’s find out which one’s better in this article below.

What is Andrews 57h?

Andrews 57h is a chain-driven cam, made of steel alloys. It is used to provide adequate torque for the engine to keep running optimally.

It is a major component of the Harley Dyna series, 96, 103 Limited, and other CVO 110 engines.

What is Wood 555?

Wood 555 is a high-power camshaft designed for aggressive racing motorcycles. It works in a short duration and has High-lift specs. It goes by the nickname “Knight Prowler”.

This camshaft is compatible with over 439 vehicles including the touring series of Harley as well as 96”, 103” and 110” Touring bikes and Ultra High Dynas and Evos.


Both Andrew 57H and Wood 555 are the latest designed camshafts with up-to-date technology and perfect CNC manufacturing.

However, a clear difference lies between them in terms of the engine working for torque generation and speed regulation to suit the best cam for every vehicle.

Let’s find out more differences about both the camshafts in the table below:

Andrew 57HWoods 555
Chain DriveChain Drive
More broader curveA narrower curve than Andrew 57h
Intake Specs
Open-angle: 18 degreesOpen-angle: 21 degrees
Close angle: 46 degreesClose angle: 41 degrees
Valve Lift: 560Valve Lift: 555
Duration at .020: 236Duration at .020: 242
Duration at .053: 270Duration at .053: 242
TDC Lift: .153-.184TDC Lift: .178-.189
Exhaust Specs
Open-angle: 38 degreesOpen-Angle: 43 degrees
Close angle: 14 degreesClose Angle: 19 degrees
Duration: 240 degreesDuration 242 degrees
2200-5600 rpm5600+ rpm
Mainly on street use that needs light torqueMainly in racing and touring motorcycles that need aggressive speeds to run.

Working Mechanism

Camshafts are actually the rotatory parts in an engine that controls the torque of the engine.

The main working principle is the conversion of rotational motion into linear motion by revolving around the axis of rotation.

This happens by the controlled input of the fuel into the combustion engine and expulsion of the exhaust fumes at adequate timing.

Parameters for selection of best camshaft for Harley

When it comes to selecting a camshaft for your Harley, keep 3 parameters in mind to match the best camshaft:

  • The primary use of the bike
  • Type of riding (aggressive or conservative)
  • Engine and bike combination


What does a cam do on a Harley?

The main function of a cam is to open or close intake and output valves but in Harley, they perform the function of speed regulation by minor differences in their functions.

How much power does a camshaft add?

A simple camshaft adds 10 to 20 horsepower depending on the engine and setup.


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