When you drive vehicles on roads, it is important to get them licensed to save yourself from several crises.  

When it comes to Illinois, dirt bikes are no exception as there is a law that requires every vehicle running on the road to have its license.

However, the question is; are dirt bikes street legal in Illinois or not?  

This question confuses many people while purchasing dirt bikes. But stress no more, we’ve resolved this query in this article.

Just give it a read, and you’re ready to headway!

Dirt Bike Laws and Requirements

Riding your dirt bike off-road requires no licensing or registration in most of the states. But when it comes to public roads, laws, and regulations do imply.

For dirt bikes, the case is more sensitive. They’re only allowed to ride with age restrictions and safety measures. 

Some general guidelines that come along the way include:

  • A dirt bike should be registered and titled before its use.
  • The riders should have a training certificate that ensures their eligibility. 
  • In Illinois, it’s a requirement to be 16 years old to ride a dirt bike. 
  • The vehicle you’re buying should be perfect in terms of functionality. For instance, a spark arrestor may work well in preventing any possible spark.
  • Sound restrictions are also enforced on the use of every vehicle.

Even when riding dirt bikes off-road, one should make sure that it is quiet, eco-friendly, and good to use.

Are Dirt Bikes Street Legal or Not?

Here comes the main part! 

Mostly, dirt bikes are not legal to ride on streets, ordinary roads, or highways. But there is again an exception to it!

If only the rider can make a crossing at a 90o angle, it is safe to ride it on the public road. 

Further, there should be no obstacles throughout the passage. Only these circumstances make you eligible to ride a dirt bike in streets and highways. 

What Makes Your Dirt Bike Legal?

Since you already know that laws vary from country to country, here are a few things that can help you legalize your dirt bike:

  • Adding road legal headlights
  • Turn signals
  • Front and back lights
  • Street-legal tires, a horn
  • An exhaust and dometer
  • A license plate and holder

Legalizing Your Dirt Bike

Like any other state, Illinois also has its procedure of legalizing vehicles. For a dirt bike, it is very important to learn the proper set of guidelines that can save you from future consequences.

All the riders must learn about the penalties imposed by Illinois in case of an accident or property damage. This law is an insurance requirement that can create multiple benefits for you in the future. 

The procedure is completely the same as for a regular motorcycle. First, you need an M class or L class license, which is easy to get. But it is only applicable when you’re above 16. 

Some other requirements vary from state to state. For instance, several tests like vision and driving tests are conducted to confirm you’re eligible to ride it. After this testing and registration, your dirt bike is all set to ride on the road!


Some other questions that cross the minds of many other people are answered here:

Can you ride a dirt bike in Illinois?

Well, dirt bikes are allowed to ride in Illinois off-road. But unfortunately, it’s not possible to ride them on public roads.

However, if you get them registered with a license plate number, it can help you get along with the exception.

Are our mini dirt bikes street legal in Illinois?

Since mini dirt bikes are a lot more dangerous than normal-sized motorcycles, they are preferred to be illegal. 

Due to their small size on public roads, it can cause an imbalance for the rider. That’s why dirt bikes are not street-legal in Illinois.  

Are dirt bikes street legal in Chicago?

First of all, it’s not legal. And secondly, the conversions of dirt-bike-dual-sport are no longer valid by the laws.

Hence, there is no other way than to buy a convertible dirt bike to ride in Chicago.  

Where can you ride a dirt bike?

The four topmost places where you can ride a dirt bike are:

  • Off-road riding parks
  • Private space (e.g., the backyard of your home)
  • Motocross tracks
  • State Trails

What are the age restrictions for dirt bikes in Illinois?

The best age to start riding bikes is 13. But since dirt bikes are different, things can get difficult on uneven tracks.

In Illinois, the minimum age required to apply for a motorcycle license is 16 years. Complete the Ride Training Course and give all the tests as per the state laws. 


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