Dirt bikes are primarily built for off-road use and lack some essential equipment like headlights, taillights, etc. that are required in any street-legal vehicle.

This makes dirt bikes illegal for use on streets in Missouri, and other states as well.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol has clearly mentioned that any dirt bikes, mini motorcycles, or motorized bicycles are illegal for use on public roads and highways.

However, if the operator holds a valid driver’s license, they can operate motorized bicycles, also known as scooters.

In order to bring an off-road only bike, like dirt bikes, into compliance with the road use laws of state and federation, an elaborative process is involved.

In this process, the bike’s owner must know many rules and regulations and should also have some extent of mechanical knowledge or be good at moto mechanics.

It is no evening project to make a dirt bike legal in Missouri, as there are many administrative obstacles involved besides the requirement of several parts and accessories to be added to the bike.

What is needed to make a dirt bike street legal in Missouri?

Dirt bikes can be made street legal for on-road use in Missouri.

In order to do so, the rider or owner needs to apply with proper documentation. These documents may include title, proof of ownership, etc.

While applying to make it legal for street use, it is also necessary for the dirt bike to have DOT-approved equipment installed that is needed to ride the dirt bike on public roads and highways in Missouri.

Once an inspection is completed, Missouri’s local authorities shall issue a label to the owner of the dirt bike.

This label must be displayed properly on the dirt bike while riding it on the public roads and highways of Missouri. The decal only costs $10 and is valid for use for three years.

It is not allowed for riders to ride the dirt bike over 30 miles an hour, on Missouri’s on-roads.

Minor riders must be under the direct supervision of their parents, guardian, or any adult having a valid driver’s license.

For off-road dirt bike riding, there are no specific rules or regulations, rather you only need permission from the private property owner when riding the bike on someone else’s property.

Do dirt bikes have to be registered in Missouri?

If you are using the dirt bike for on-road use, it is necessary for it to be registered in Missouri.

However, with off-road riding, there is no such requirement in nearly all states.

While riding a dirt bike off-road, you do not need an operator’s license or liability insurance either, in almost all states. There are, however, age restrictions on the age of dirt bike riders in many states, of which most require an adult to supervise the minor while they ride.

Around a third of states need a rider training certificate for minors as well.

There are different requirements for dirt bike registration and titling in each state. There are laws for dirt bikes, ATVs, and three and four-wheelers in many states pertaining to these, especially regarding the rider safety and age restrictions.

Can you ride a 50cc dirt bike on the road in Missouri?

A 50cc dirt bike can not be ridden on Missouri roads unless it has been made legal for use on public roads, as mentioned earlier.

However, it can be very well used off the road, while taking care of some considerations.

Spark arrestors are needed by many states to trap any potential spark, along with enforcing sound restrictions. These requirements, though, vary state by state.

It should be a point of pride and duty to ride a quiet bike, as a loud noise annoys the residents and people living close by. A quiet and eco-friendly alternative is electric dirt bikes, to enjoy an off-road dirt bike.

An annual pass/sticker or daily fee is needed by most state-run riding areas for an off-road vehicle. It is required to be a member of the sanctioning group of the event for most racing, which is typically the American Motorcyclist Association.