Dirt bikes are vehicles that categorize an individual as someone who is ‘classy and cool.’

They are smaller than normal bikes, which makes them extremely dangerous. And after all, ride these powerful yet dangerous bikes with caution, as they can get you into the hospital easily.

It is important that you wear the right gear while riding your dirt bike, which comprises boots and a properly fitted helmet.

But the real question is, are you even allowed to bring these dirt bikes to the streets of Washington?

These bikes are not suitable for paved surfaces as they are essentially made for rugged, terrain surfaces and if you are a tourist, you should have a guide with you so you do not get lost.

First, dirt bikes do not come with headlights, so they are not exactly the right fit for use at night.

Second, they also lack a rear-view mirror, so that is not at all suitable for the crazy Washington traffic and the tourists that are walking nearby. Therefore, these can lead to a lot of accidents too.

Because of the lack of space in their fuel tanks and spiked wheels, the Department of Transport in the US does not allow dirt bikes on the streets.

Also, because of the lack of documentation available for dirt bikes, it makes it illegal to bring them on the roads in Washington.

Dirt bikes also don’t have a license plate, so in case of a hit and run, there will not be any way to identify and catch the culprit.

These reasons play an important role in making dirt bikes illegal to bring on the streets in Washington.

Do you need a license for a dirt bike in Washington State?

Since these bikes are illegal on the streets because of their lack of safety, it is necessary to ask for the owner’s approval if you want to ride the bike on his or her land.

All off-road vehicles do, however, require registration or a permit to use the bike, but since they are immensely dangerous to be ridden on the streets, they do not require a driver’s license.

Interestingly, since dirt bikes are not supposed to be run on the roads, the person operating the vehicle does not need to carry a driver’s license.

However, if children under the age of 18 want to ride the bike, they must be accompanied by an individual 18 years old or older, and this individual must have a valid driving license too.

How do I know if my dirt bike is street legal?

If your dirt bike has the right headlights, stoplight, and tail lights installed, your vehicle meets the requirements of the Department of Transport in the US; your dirt bike could be street legal!

Such measures will ensure the safety of passengers and pedestrians on the road.

It is also necessary that dirt bike riders ensure that their vehicle’s exhaust system is not as noisy to prevent noise pollution.

Along with this, it is also necessary that the owner installs a quality air filter so that air pollution can be avoided as much as possible.

It is also vital that the owner places a horn on the dirt bike as that is another requirement of the Department of Transport in the US.

Side mirrors are also necessary for the other vehicles that are on the roads of Washington to prevent any sort of mishaps and accidents.

So, can you drive your dirt bike on the streets of Washington?

You must turn your dirt bike into a dual motorcycle for 100% safety as those are allowed in the streets of Washington.

If the requirements are met and you have your license plate, documents, etc, then you will be allowed to drive your bike in Washington.