Motorcycles are small vehicles on the road as compared with cars and trucks. It’s difficult to identify a bike on the road at night.

In case of an emergency, the bikes can be in danger if the incoming truck or car doesn’t see them.

That is why motorcycle lights have to be bright. The rider also has to wear reflective and bright clothing to avoid danger.

Riding a motorcycle at night can be dangerous with no front or rear light.

Some riders attach a light to the helmet to avoid accidents.

But is it legal to wear motorcycle helmet lights?

Let’s find out.

Motorcycle helmets aren’t manufactured with lights. If you want a helmet with lights, you will have to make one yourself.

Just stick some LED lights with an adhesive on the back or front of the helmet.

But is it illegal to wear a helmet with lights?

Truth be told, the answer to this question is very ambiguous.

In different parts of the world, there are different laws and regulations.

In Australia, some states consider motorcycle helmet lights illegal. But some states don’t consider it a crime if you wear a helmet with lights.

However, some states might fine you for wearing motorcycle helmet lights.

In Asia, there seems to be a lack of law that criminalizes motorcycle helmet lights.

If you live in Asia, motorcycle helmet lights are legal for you.

While we are discussing this topic, we should discuss why some countries don’t legalize motorcycle helmet lights.

Why Are Motorcycle Helmet Lights Illegal in Some Countries?

The motorcycle lights are built after doing a lot of research.

frequency and color of these lights are decided after careful experimentation.

The law decides these aspects of the lights.

Motorcycle helmet lights are just regular LED lights. They are not bright enough to ensure the safety of the rider.

Because of all these reasons, motorcycle helmet lights are illegal in some countries.

Are Helmet Lights Illegal in the US?

No. Helmet lights are not illegal in the US. A red or blue LED light as the helmet light is legal.

However, attaching additional light to the motorcycle is illegal.

Are Helmet Lights Legal in The UK?

Helmet lights are legal in the UK as well. Any light attached to the body of the rider is legal in the UK. But attaching any bright lights on the bike is illegal.


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