A motorcycle is a primary medium of transport for many people. It’s a two-wheeled transport machine used for travelling to long distances, commuting, and for sports as well.

We call it a perfect vehicle as it can be used for various purposes and is pocket friendly too. However, the question arises:are motorcycles waterproof?

Motorcycle is a machine and a waterproof machine is hard to comeby. With its electrical wires and control panels, it is not completely waterproof.

Let’s consider several factors to find out if the motorcycles are waterproof or not. Continue reading.

Design of the Motorcycle

The designs of motorcycles have advanced over the years. It is now more appropriate according to the weather conditions. The designers built it in a way that its control panels and electrical wires are safe from the rain or roadside splashes.

Damage by Rain

Motorcycles always suffer when they are used in the rain. It can commute easily in the rain itis its worst nemesis. This is because too much time in the rain can cause rust or corrosion to the motorcycle.

Outdoor Protection for Motorcycle

If you’re living in an area that has a lot of rain, or very cold weather, it is suggested that the motorcycles should not be not kept outdoors. Although water does not affect it immediately, it can worsen it over course of time. Make sure you cover your bike properly when kept outside.

Waterproof Cover

To refrain from water damage or extreme sunlight, the motorcycles should be covered with a waterproof cover. That will ensure the safety of the motorcycle and shall prevent it from damage.


Motorcycles are a great means of transport. The designs made nowadays ensure the safety of the motorcycles from water.

They have been built as waterproof vehicles but that is not 100% true.

In the end, it is a machine and too much exposure to water can cause rust or corrosion. Thus, ensure to take safety precautions when travelling in the rain or keeping the motorcycle outside of the house.That is.


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