What single gadget modification will make your Kawasaki Ninja650 better in terms of speed, weight, and performance? The answer is Kawasaki Ninja650 exhaust upgrade.

The Ninja 650 is very fast, but producers had a limit to their budget, meaning they were unable to manufacture the perfect motorcycle exhaust system for your bike. You can also alter the sound of your motorcycle, perhaps from a vacuum cleaner to a beast.

Substituting a huge steel unit with an aftermarket, light-weight, small and efficient muffler can yield a lot of weight which could approximately amount to 5% of the overall weight of the motorcycle. Losing weight can be as beneficial as increasing horsepower.

OEM exhaust systems are typically much more costly than aftermarket exhausts. So your OEM exhaust will be safe when you race with your aftermarket exhaust.


With headquarters and offices based in the USA, the UK, Japan, and Australia, Delkevic supplies goods globally as it is the leading manufacturer of exhaust systems in the motorcycle industry.

High-quality material and components are used in the production stage to ensure top-notch quality end products.

  • Delkevic Full 2-1 Exhaust for Kawasaki Ninja650

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Delkevic Mini 8″ stainless steel circular mufflers are designed with high-quality 304 stainless steel which ends up giving a mirror-look finishing. Its outlet creates an aggressive sound with or without the baffle.

This package contains all of the hardware required to fit the muffler on the engine. Gaskets are provided. The muffler weighs 1.54kg / 3.4lb. All of this company’s exhaust systems come with a 12-month guarantee.

There is no need for re-jetting or remapping after the installation of the muffler onto the bike, but we still suggest a dyno test. Other modifications to the intake or exhaust system on the motorcycle could require some tuning.

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Akrapovic is a premium exhaust system maker for motorcycles and high-performance vehicles. It is known around the world as a very creative, high-tech company that designs exhaust systems using new technologies and high-quality resources.

 Akrapovic exhaust systems stand out for their superior performance, indistinguishable tone, revolutionary architecture, light construction, craftsmanship, and longevity.

  • Akrapovic Racing Exhaust Systems for Kawasaki Ninja650

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These exhaust systems are significantly lighter than stock exhaust systems, and they feature excellent manufacturing quality, improved engine speed, and pure racing sound output.

The headers and mid-pipes are composed of strong stainless steel conical tubes that have been handcrafted with accuracy. The exhaust pipe is constructed using a unique method known as hydro-forming.

 This method involves injecting pressurized water into each tube to form the perfect shape for optimal exhaust flow while preventing creases and sacrificing the steel’s power.

The unique configuration of Akrapovic Exhaust allows them to achieve the highest performance for each model of the motorcycle while dramatically decreasing weight.

This is not just about peak power; Akrapovic exhaust systems improve efficiency over the entire RPM spectrum. Power and torque are increased making the journey a lot smoother.

Carbon fiber components are manufactured in-house and the airtight quality management ensures that the exhaust is flawless. Moreover, the exhaust springs are made up of high-quality, silicon-shielded stainless steel.


Yoshimura is a Japanese company well-renowned for its proficiency in R&D. Yoshimura is a leading manufacturer of exhaust systems owing to its R&D capabilities and commitment to using high-quality materials and components in the production stage.

  • Yoshimura Alpha Full System Exhaust for Kawasaki Ninja650

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Yoshimura Alpha’s design, structure, and finishing are the product of technological investments, practice, and the most advanced digital modeling capabilities. It is designed for optimum flow and increased ground clearance.

 The tri-oval design heritage makes the shape very sleek and not to forget the sound of this exhaust system is aggressive. It is durable and made to give you a long-term service.

The updated Race Series machine not only weighs half as little as the stock system, but it also has more horsepower and torque to give to your bike. Yoshimura Alpha Full System weighs only 8 lbs while the stock weight is 17.8 lbs.


Coffman’s is once again an American company founded in 1973. Passion and love for motorbikes drove the owner of the company in this industry.

  • Coffman’s Kawasaki Ninja 650R

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This exhaust system is made up of stainless steel and is ceramic-coated. Every pipe in the system is manufactured from 304 stainless steel which is CNC processed for a perfect finishing.

A removable CNC machined dB-killer (baffle) is preloaded and kept within the tip by the best quality high-temp silicone O-Ring, spacer, and snap-ring. A broad perforated core is surrounded by packing which is easy to replace and helps in heat control and sound reduction.

For Kawasaki Ninja650 exhaust upgrade, Delkevic Full exhaust, Akrapovic Racing exhaust, Yoshimura Alpha Full exhaust system, and Coffman’s exhaust systems are in our list that we recommend to you in this article after our extensive research on the best exhaust for Ninja650.


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