If the bike is not braking properly, then do not start by rebuilding the engine instead buy the best front suspensions. With the vast options of front suspensions for Harley Davidson motorbikes in the market, it might seem overwhelming to choose a single set of front suspensions that will be best for your ride.

You will be surprised to find out how much impact a front suspension has on the stability and the top-notch efficiency of the motorbike. These front suspensions will not only ensure that your money is well spent but also fulfill your expectations. By installing these suspensions you will be able to go further down the road with a steady and smooth journey.  

Legend Front Suspension

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As we are well aware of the amazing quality of the products manufactured by the Legend company. Some of the prominent professionals recommended front suspensions by Legend due to their high quality and advanced technology. 

The best front suspension commonly used by the public is LEGEND AXEO FLH front suspensions.  Following are some of the eye-catching features of the product described below. 

  • Available in both standard and 1 inch lowered models :

Depending on the driving style and your preference you can either choose a standard or a 1 lowered model. But if you are a beginner, professionals usually advise their customers to buy a standard model of LEGEND AXEO FLH front suspension. 

  • Nitrogen filled chambers :

The enhanced new technology has enabled the Legend company to design such products which consist of nitrogen-filled chambers. Considering the fact that nitrogen is inert in nature, it gave the manufacturers to use the product in their favor. 

This ensures that the abrupt bumps on the road are not only absorbed but also do not require refill energy while using fluids or other materials.

  • Improved stability and smooth performance :

These front suspensions are built through such techniques which enables them to withstand all the stress they are put through. They are made up of strong material which prevents any rusting. This gives us the guarantee that motor bike is capable of withstanding the abrupt motions faced on a road trip, providing the customers a smooth and efficient journey.

  • Hand-made by laborers and with a lifetime warranty :

One of the other essential features of LEGEND AXEO FLH front suspension is the fact that they are being constructed by the laborers with their hands, which ensures that minute detail of the product is maintained. 

Unlike any other front suspensions, these suspensions are of high value and are also provided with a warranty of lifetime which indicates that the products offered by the company are true to their word in every aspect.

Öhlins Front suspensions

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Öhlins suspensions are also known for the amazing quality of their products but mostly due to the fact that their products can be used in many situations such as while taking a sharp turn around an edge or any other stressful situations such as racing matches.

 Due to the enhanced technology involved in the production of their products, many people use these suspensions in their motor bike to cruise around their town, etc. One of the best front suspensions offered by Öhlins is the Öhlins fork cartridge kit (Öhlins part no: FKC 101).

Some of the prominent features of the Öhlins fork cartridge kit are listed below.

  • Enhanced damping quality :

These front suspensions are constructed of about 8 mm shaft steel with an aluminium damping tube and a 25 mm piston is also installed in the Öhlins fork cartridge kit. This ensures that the back jumps felt during break are being reduced to a lesser amount.

  • Easy to install :

Öhlins fork cartridge kit are designed in such a form that you can install it into your motor bike without any assistance from a mechanic. The product is labelled which allow you to follow the instructions given on the pamphlet and set up your motor bike to another level of sturdiness and efficiency.

One of the other front suspensions which are popular among the customers is Öhlins Rear Shocks. Following are the features described below briefly to help you gain an insight.

  • Adjustable springs :

Öhlins Rear shocks consist of advanced springs which can also be adjusted in accordance to the length specificity you want your motor bike to attain. You can also style these front suspensions by applying different color scheme to make the springs more appealing in nature.

Fox Suspension

Fox suspensions are known for their high quality features and most of all because of the fact that they are used in mountain bikes to exhibit racing sports. Some of the features which make Fox 38 front suspension stand out as compared to others are described below.

  • High emulsion strength :

Fox 38 front suspension have strong emulsion strength which provided them with the a unique feature to maintain a firm motion. Therefore it also enables the rider to take sharp turn and push the breaks to their limit to prevent any accidents.

  • Light weight material :

Fox suspensions are constructed using such material which inhibits any rusting due to the environmental contamination. These material also extremely light in nature which make certain that the motor bike can exhibit a smooth journey and is easily installed in to the vehicle along with other parts of the motor bike.

The high ratings from customers as well as the recommendations from professionals have a significant impact on the purchase of suspensions made by the public. The quality of products is more significant than the appearance of the products.

By gathering all the information related to the emulsion, stability, and durability of front suspensions, this article contains all the vital facts you will require to secure the best set of front suspensions which will not only be easy to install but also remain true to their reputation.

We hope that it will be much easier for you to select the front suspensions for Harley Davidson Touring. 


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