Riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle is quite wonderful until you have to deal with the long list of responsibilities that comes with it.

First and foremost, every rider should keep an eye on the maintenance of the bike to make sure there is no spark or any problem in its system.

Motorcycling enthusiasts look for all the modifications and designs to best customize their bikes. And one key element that operates just beside the engine is the clutch system.

Choosing the right clutch is very essential to get the best results from a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

If you’re looking for a replacement clutch for your Harley Davidson bike, we’ve got you! This guide enlists the top 4 companies that sell exclusive clutches. So, let’s start!


Established in 1984 in California, Barnett has been manufacturing clutches and control cables of probably everything that has two wheels. All of their products are made in the USA with high-quality material and unique designs.

They always pass their products through multiple quality checks just to make sure that their consumer is receiving a high-grade cable or clutch.

For your Harley Davidson bike, you can blindly trust them because no other company would be more customer concerned than Barnett is.


When it’s time to rebuild your Harley clutch, BikeBandit proves to be the best option. It is because they can provide services according to the needs of the consumers.

BikeBandit was founded in 1999 when its pioneers started an online business of power sports parts and other market accessories.

They aimed to create a friendly and comfortable environment for the consumers so they can buy their motorcycle spare parts from home. Their services are top-notch with excellent prices.

You can consider them for your purchase because their long experience has made them one of the most trusted brands in the market. So, wait no more and get your hands on their services!


When you’re expecting high performance from the clutch system of your Harley Davidson bike, you should consider rebuilding or replacing it. For that, the clutch kit from Revzilla will best help you in improving your motorcycle performance to its best.

Usually, a motorcycle clutch is designed to consistently deliver power to the engine through the transmission as required. And therefore, before replacing your clutch, you should always check the compatibility of your motorcycle.

Always prefer a high-quality accessory for your bike because it will maintain high-performance standards as well. So, don’t look for any other option and get your services from Revzilla, a trusted platform.

J&P Cycles

If the clutch of your Harley Davidson is not working the way it should be, it’s time to replace it now. At jpcycles.com, you’ll find all the Harley Davidson clutch components and parts. And all of them are manufactured through quality processes.

Being started as a family business, J&P cycles was always passionate and devoted to their services. Since they never compromised on quality, they’ve strived to be the best company of aftermarket parts. Therefore, you can rely on this growing business for your motorcycle clutch.


How long does a clutch last in a Harley?

Usually, the clutch of a tour riding bike can last over 100,000 miles. But this lifespan can be reduced with burn-outs. So you need to keep it adjusted and maintained if you want it to last long.

How do I know if my Harley clutch is bad?

Some common signs that indicate the poor working of a Harley clutch include unexplained high revs and lowered gas mileage. Other signs include a stuck clutch lever, difficulty in shifting the motorcycle gear, and hearing a clunking sound.

When should I replace my Harley Davidson clutch?

There are many indications for that but when it becomes impossible to shift gears of your motorcycle, then it is time to replace your Harley Davison clutch.

Further, if the lever is going up and down easily, then the bike owner should know that it’s time for a replacement.


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