It is important to get your motorcycle size right, to enjoy your ride.

The best way to pick your seat height is to sit on it yourself and see how it suits you.

Estimating the seat height for yourself can be quite complicated.

Other factors like leg height, width and other relevant aspects are also to be accounted for.

For a person 5 ft. 10 inches tall, a seat height of 36 to 39 inches should work well.

This guide will further talk about motorcycle seat heights to help you understand how to pick the right one for yourself.

Why is motorcycle seat height important?

There are many reasons you may not feel like the motorcycle is for you.

To enjoy your motorcycle riding experience, comfort and feel are the key.

If these components lack, it can be quite unsettling for you.

You should have a motorcycle that fits your size and height, to get the most out of your riding experience and ensure that your rides are safe.

Seat height is important for beginners, and should be considered as the first thing while picking a motorcycle.

You should get something with which you can have both feet grounded simultaneously.

It is not a good idea to go with tippy toes, particularly on a heavy bike.

The bike has the potential to gain momentum towards the ground when it comes to a stop and leans.

This can happen when your foot does not have control over the ground to stop it, and you may fall.

The size of a motorcycle itself, as a general rule, depends on its engine size.

Bikes with smaller engines are usually shorter, but the height of their seat varies between different motorcycle styles.

Types of Motorcycles and Seat Height

The seat height in most cruiser motorcycles usually falls between 26-29 inches range, as opposed to the standards that have a range of 28-31 inches.

The seats of sport bikes are usually higher and vary between 30 to 33 inches.

Endure and dual sport can be grouped together, having the highest seat height.

They can accommodate extra clearance for off-road capabilities, with seat height ranging 31.5 inches and higher.

The ideal way to gauge if a motorcycle is for you or not is to measure your inseam from the pants, and subtract around 0.5 to 2 inches.

It is recommended for most beginners with 32 inches inseam to go for a bike that is just 30 inches or lower.

You can move to heavier and larger bikes with higher seats once you gain more experience riding and handling a motorcycle.

Signs your Motorcycle is a Poor Fit

To ride motorcycles the right way is all about maintaining the balance. Some of the following signs can identify a poorly fitting motorcycle.

–          Unable to reach the controls,

–          Unable to sit with both feet grounded,

–          Tiptoeing while standing,

–          Having to stretch excessively to reach foot and hand controls,

–          Feeling uncomfortable while sitting on the motorcycle.

For new rider, it is quite possible that they feel awkward handling their motorcycle at first.

However, if it is a regular thing for you, it is important to inspect its ergonomics and see if any change can be done to accommodate you.

Adjusting a motorcycle for the right fit

Two important changes can help you adjust your motorcycle as per your height.

–          Adjust the suspension: You should consider adjusting the motorcycle suspension, if it is your last option to drive your dream motorcycle.

There are limited options and capabilities in most motorcycles, so ensure that you have done enough research on the circumstances you may face.

–          Replace the seat: The simplest solution is to replace your seat with a larger one.

You can easily find multiple options for seat on Amazon and other places.

Best Motorcycles for 5’10

  •             Yamaha FJ-09

When this model was launched in 2014, the bike’s beautiful look caught the attention of all magazines.

Its snappy response and agile chassis made it one bestseller produced by Yamaha.

However, it is when the model’s touring version was launched that a star was made.

It came with firmer suspensions, a tidy windscreen and hard saddlebags.

The best features of FZ-09 were offered in an even better package with this model.

It has better leg room and suspensions as well.

  •          Suzuki SV650

During 1999, Suzuki users went crazy after the first model of SV650.

The bike proved iconic, that has experienced continuous improvements and still keeps its sporty aura.

The bike has a powerful engine providing high performance with minimal emissions.

The engine provides fuel economy and is mounted on top of a lightweight, trim chassis, guaranteeing you an exciting and sporty ride.

  •            Ducati Multistrada 1200

First introduced in 2012, this one was one of the most successful models of Ducati. The bike is sleek and has developed tremendously.

The bike has a powerful engine derived from the superbikes.

There is a DVT variable valve in its L-twin engine, optimizing the valves hat overlap to help its power arrive quicker.

Bottom Line

It can be quite challenging for taller people to find the right motorcycles for themselves, as most are made for those of average height.

However, luckily, there are quite some models made for the taller guys as well as mentioned above.

You may visit any local motorcycle dealership to find the best bike for your height and try sitting on it as well to find the right seat height.