It’s your road others can ride it with you but no one can ride it for you so if you want to enjoy a calm and charming ride you have to choose the best motorcycle seat available in the market. The road isn’t long when you have the right motorcycle seat. Due to a lot of variety in the market, it is difficult to choose the best out of it but you don’t need to worry as we have got your back in this matter. Based on facts and figures we have prepared a detailed analysis of the best-suited seats for your bike. 

1. Harley FLHX2

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To make your riding experience comfortable and worthy Harley FLHX2 piece is planned with precision. Mustang is one of the old names in the market with a good track record of providing excellent products. These are the best motorcycle seats available for tall riders.

This brand is a chief manufacturer of aftermarket touring seats. The seat cover is made with the best leather for motorcycle seats available in the market which gives a comfort second to none.

This seat uses vinyl which is similar to leather and is cheaper. The design of the seats gives you a concrete reason to consider this product and buy it. There are different types of seats available in the market whose base plates are made of plastics due to which they don’t survive much.

The design of this seat is such that it is 17 inches wide for the driver and 14 inches wide for the passenger making it a comfortable seat.  

2. XMT Moto Desert Rider

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XMT Moto Desert Rider is another good addition to the motorcycle accessories in the market which is a bit cheaper than the above one but also has some good features to make itself a good buy for the rider. This is a decent seat made of synthetic leather and foam placed over iron with a plastic mount.

XMT seat is tailor-made for the short riders as its riding seat is 14-inch-wide with a passenger seat of 16-inch-wide. As everyone cannot afford the expensive seats due to high price tags so for the ones who have a low budget this seat must be a good one to have.

3. LePera

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Another masterful piece that comes in the aftermarket is a product from LePera. This seat is made by hand. This is a branded seat that consists of a mid-range seat having a width of 13 inches with a backrest of 5 inches wide.

This seat allows a balance between bare-bones and Monterey solo seats. LePera seats are of great comfort and are designed with the skills of a great craftsman. 

The seats are expensive but the quality is second to none which makes them durable and long-lasting. These seats are made of soft leather congregating high-class foam resolutely attached to steel frames.

4. Skwoosh

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There is always room for improvement in every department. There is always a stand-out fabricator available in every field. In the case of fabrication of touring seats, the one with unique design and quality is Skwoosh. This after-market seat is different from other seats as it contains a cushion for a seat.

The seat is designed in a way by keeping in mind that the softness of the seat is not compromised after every ride. The seat is made of gel of excellent quality with the high-quality fabric used in it to make it comfortable and one of the leading brands around the market. 

This seat is designed by combining cushion and gel packs to give stable and comfortable performances in all conditions and at all times. The seat is specifically designed to allow airflow through it so that the driver feels at comfort all the time with a cool ride.

5. Mustang best motorcycle seat models

Mustang 76145

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Mustang 99556

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Mustang 79006

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Mustang 76033

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Mustang One-piece Touring seat

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Another good addition to the best seats for Harley Davidson is Mustang 76145 as it is available in the market with a simple design that is reasonable for customers with a small budget. The design of the seat is of good look and gives a comfortable ride for long travels. Mustang 76145 seat has 11 inches front and 6 inches rear. This is the best motorcycle seat for short riders. 

This is also the best suitable seat for Harley Davidson. The name with which this seat comes in the market is Mustang 99556 and is a classic fit with an impeccable design. This is a seamless choice for a rider of street glide without the terror of any sacking or rolling. 

The value and worth that one will get from this seat is unmatchable. The cushion and size of the seat are far better than the stock seats. The extension gives an advantage to both the short and tall riders.

This aftermarket seat provides good value for money as it has enough extension with 14 inches passenger seats and 19 inches rider seat. This size is attractive enough to give you a comfortable, relaxing tour. 

When one is on long travels the common issue which comes is back pain so to seek this out a backrest is given to deal with such challenges which arise during travel for both short riders and tall riders.

Another feature of this seat is that it is lower than the stock seat making it easy for the short rider. The backrest is just not only for the driver but both the passenger and driver can get its benefits and if there is no passenger it can be used to keep luggage.

Mustang 79006 super touring seat is obtainable in the aftermarket which gives great comfort and relaxation as it gives an inch further to sit as compared to the stock seat.

This seat gives a front width of 19 inches for the driver and 14 inches for the rear. Due to such dimensions both the passenger and driver enjoy a good and comfortable journey even on long distances.

This seat is made from high-quality vinyl which gives great water-resistant properties as well. 

The bike can bear any climatic conditions due to it. Another great feature of this seat is its front bucket drain which provides a great wrap for the seat if it rains by organizing the water spilling on the seat. So, all these features of Mustang 79006 make this aftermarket product worth having. 

Mustang 76033 is the best available after-market seat for long rides as it provides a cushion of unmatchable quality so to save the rider and passenger from uneven roads.

The aftermarket touring seat consists of 17 inches wide for the driver side and 14 inches for the backside giving a good exceptional riding experience. This provides a lovely traveling experience for passengers. 

The design of this seat is made such that it gives a great spacing for the passenger sitting behind for backrest as due to this feature it is convenient for the traveler to travel.

The cover is made of vinyl which can withstand harsh climatic conditions. As compared to leather vinyl is less costly and is easy to sustain as well. 

Mustang One-piece touring seat is another great addition to seats for Harley Davidson as it is 12.5 inches wide and can be extended forward over the driver’s pocket. This seat is made from an amalgamation of high-quality materials such as forms, leather, and cloth. These all materials are collaborated to allow driver and passenger a comfortable journey on long rides without any discomfort. 

6. Extended Road Softa LS Seat

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This touring seat is planned specifically keeping in mind those group of peoples who like to ride over long distances in daily routine. It is an ideal seat to ensure a comfortable and stress-free journey over long distances.

One of the features of this seat has a passenger and rider Gel core technology and split cushion design that lets you sit into Gel core rather than on the cover. This benefit is hardly given by any seat manufacturing company in the aftermarket.

Another characteristic of this product is that it has an upgraded option like trunk pa covers, heated options for both passenger and driver.

Extended Road Sofa seats also have extended reach profiles which are provided for tall riders to give them extra space for comfort. It has a saddle gel for both driver and passenger to increase comfort.

With the help of all the facts and figures, this article has covered all the bases to make it easy for you to select the best motorcycle seat for your bike in terms of waterproof ability and comfort level. Now it is your preference to choose out of all these best motorcycle seats according to your requirement. 


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