We cannot emphasize enough the importance of the quality of shocks installed onto your Harley Softail or any other motorcycle but in this article, we are focused on the best shocks for Harley Softail only.

Shocks help to steady the vehicle’s motions, giving you more leverage as you turn, stop, accelerate, or drive on bumpy roads. No matter how bad the condition of the road is, the progressive suspension keeps you in your seat and the wheels of the bike on ground.

 Softails are delicate and easily breakable if not looked after properly. The progressive suspension system is adjustable and shock-sensitive to provide impeccable care. The motorcycle shocks can make or break your motorcycle’s performance.

Keep on reading because in the following text you will find our complete guide on the best shocks for your Harley Softail. 

Best Motorcycle Shocks for Harley Softail

Progressive Suspension

Progressive shocks manufactured by Progressive suspensions are the number one preferred shocks for Harley Softail. These shocks are exclusively made for Softails and the Progressive suspension 422 series rectifies what Harley cheaped out for not ruining the outer look of its Softails.

Progressive Suspension was established in 1982 and since then, the company has grown to become the largest aftermarket motorcycle suspension maker in the United States, and therefore a top-tier provider of suspension parts to domestic OE consumers. Progressive shocks are known as the best motorcycle shocks for Harley Softail.

Progressive suspension 422-4035C

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The 422 series of progressive shocks have a chrome-plated finish and they come with a one-year warranty allowing customers to purchase with confidence and reliance.

Progressive shocks consist of a high-pressure gas-charged monotube and a dual shock system to achieve shock absorption and consistent damping performance. Also, the chrome-plated fine finish keeps your Softail classy. 

To accommodate differing loads and rider weights, the ride-height can be adjusted by two inches. No matter how bumpy the road is, these shocks will make sure that the rider is comfortable and enjoys a smooth ride. Installing progressive suspension 422-4035C is an easy job that you can carry out yourself.

You do need to be an expert in this area, neither do you require additional tools for this job.

Shotgun Shock 

Shotgun Shock Air ride system is a fully adjustable air suspension that allows you to raise and lower your bike as well as balance rebound and compression at whatever ride height only with the flip of a switch while riding.

The best part about the Shotgun shocks is that you will receive them with a lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with your shocks, you will receive a new part in courier or, you have the option to get your shocks fixed from the manufacturer. 

American-made Shotgun Shock Air ride system allows you to control the up and down of your Harley Softail in the back end of your suspension, it completely replaces the stock suspension.

A compressor with chrome finishing, a quality switch, some miscellaneous nuts and bolts, and a booklet having guidelines regarding the installation of the Air ride shocks on your Harley Davidson Softail come in a box along with the main product. 

The air system is great for your back and as for the installation, shotguns are not hard to install at all. Anybody can do it. You just have to make sure you loosen the clamp which holds on the compressor so that you have enough space to get the compressor in the needed spot.

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Since 2004, Fournales has been in the business of shocks. They manufacture a variety of shocks which include twin shocks, mono shocks, and most importantly especially designed shocks for Harley Softails.

Fournales Pan-Cruise Shocks

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Pan-Cruise shocks were created specifically for Harley-Davidson Softail models, Evo and Twin Cam using the most cutting-edge aeronautical technology. These high-quality shocks will not only boost the suspension properties of your Softail but will also provide high stability and comfort when riding at high speeds.

Unlike Coilover shocks, Fournales shocks are high-pressure air shocks without springs. There are two types of Pan Cruise Evo Shocks for Harley Davidson Softail models, one for bikes built up to the end of 1999 and the other for bikes built from 2000 onwards.

Pan-Cruise shocks can easily be adjusted for ride height and pre-load by adjusting the air pressure in the front and rear sections. High-pressure air valves may be purchased separately. The ride height adjustment is up to 2”. Like Progressive shocks, these shocks also come with a full-year warranty. 


Thailand-based YSS is the world’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket motorcycle shock absorbers, with a rapidly expanding product line. YSS produces over 2 million shock absorbers per year, with a wide range of offerings to fit both tastes and budgets.

YSS has built a reputation for using high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies since its establishment in 1983.

YSS Twin shock absorbers

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YSS Twin shock absorbers for Harley Davidson FL are constructed from carefully selected materials to resist corrosion while lowering the total weight of the shock, making these shocks a more cost-effective alternative to their OEM counterpart. These high-quality shocks are best for you if you are low on budget. 

Important features to consider before buying Harley Softail shocks

To ensure your proper back health, spine care, and overall comfort you should always take into account height adjustment features in the shocks. In addition to that, the hardness or softness of shocks is also a significant factor.

If your bike is for everyday use and touring, soft shocks are good to go whereas, for bikes that haul heavy loads and passengers, stiffer shocks are preferred. Lastly, people go for shocks that are easy to install on the bike. 

If you own a Harley Softail and are looking for the best shocks for your motorcycle, this is the place for you because in this article we covered all the best shocks available in the market for Harley-Davidson Softails.

These are ranked in order of our preference and recommendation to you.

Moreover, significant factors of good quality shocks are also mentioned to help you in decision making.  


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