The heart of any engine lies in its ignition system. The whole idea of the power of a machine lies in this simple mechanism of physics.

Today a wide variety of ignition systems are being used all around the globe. One of the most used ones is the fire ignition system.

This system is also used by Harley Davidson in their manufacturing of many motorcycle models.

Types of Fire Ignition

Fire Ignitions are classified into various types based on automaticity, source of ignition, and a number of coils. On the basis of coils, they are classified as

Single Fire Ignition

A single fire Ignition is built upon two separate coils for both cylinders. It fires each spark plug independently to generate power for the engine.

A single fire ignition saves extra energy that is wasted in the backfiring of the cylindrical shafts of the engine.

Dual Fire Ignition

A dual fire ignition uses a single coil for both cylinders to start the engine. This is more economical for those who don’t want to spend too much on upgrading their motorcycles.

Best Single Fire Ignitions

There are many single-fire ignition systems available. But if you are looking forward to upgrading your Harley Evo, some of the best are listed below.

Dyna 2000i

The newest addition in the single fire series is Dyna 2000i. It is actually the modified version of model Dyna 2000 but with better ignition features.

Dyna 2000i is a single-fire ignition with 0 RPM that makes starting a motorcycle the perfect experience for anyone.

It is specifically made for Hareley Evo and shovelhead motorcycles to support the speed and provide a smooth ride.

 Dyna 2000i comes as a standard single fire ignition but can be customized according to the customer’s choice.

The perfect feature is its statistics count. Dyna 2000i has an inbuilt monitor to regulate its use. It records total engine hours, longest working time, longest RPM, and time-lapsed in total RPM count.

A golden feature of Dyna 2000i single fire ignition is its coil monitor. In terms of its safe use and also in mismatched cases to prevent any burning of the coil.

Dynatek D2KI-1P ignition

The king in single fire ignition operation is donated D2KI-1P ignition. It provides an ideal fit to your engine giving a neat finishing look.

The single fire ignition runs down to 0 RPM for more convenient cranking and kicking. It also provides complete overcurrent and short circuit protection.

The statistics regulator and built-in monitor of automaticity are the key features. All the carbureted models of Harley including the Evo until 2008 used this ignition model.

This single-fire ignition lies in the range of $220. A perfect upgrade for your bike!

DD2000-HD1EP module

The full translation of this model is Dynatek 2000-HDE Single/Dual Fire Programmable Digital Ignition System.

This is a microcomputer-controlled model that provides precise control over the whole ignition process. This leads to a smooth start of any motorcycle.

It also has an RPM selection option that ranges from 6000 to 7500 to provide just the level of protection you require.

It has a 7 pin connector option that could be made single fire or dual fire according to your wishes.


Is single fire or dual fire ignition better?

Dual fire is more of a simple ignition with low cost and a single fire provides a better smooth ride.

Can you use a single fire coil on a dual fire ignition?

A single fire can be easily converted into dual fire ignition simply by adding a jumper between the two coils to separate the ignition.

When did Harley go to electronic Ignition?

Electronic ignition started in the 1960s but they were widely started to be used in the 1970s by Harley Davidson.


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