A lot of you people out there have a tough time choosing which exhaust is perfect for your bike so we have got all the significant information to help you guys out with that and give you some tips which will help you choose the best sounding exhausts for your Ninja 300. You will experience a rush of adrenaline because you will not only hear a glorious sound when turning on your Ninja 300 motor bike that will fire up your passion for cruising down the road but also make your motor bike lighter and provide a more powerful engine. It’s certainly is a challenge to find the best exhaust with the sound that you like and one that’s worthy of your hard-earned money.   

Well don’t worry, we’ve made all of this research super-easy as we’ve gathered all the exhaust in a single article and made it very easy for you to compare one exhaust to another so you’ll find the best exhaust for your Ninja 300 motor bike. But again the real difference between these exhausts is going to come down to personal preference, quality of sound but there is not going to be a 10 horsepower difference between one exhaust to another. Although you might see two or three horsepower tops and honestly you just won’t notice that unless you’re in a truly competitive environment. Here are some of the best full exhausts for Ninja 300 which have been selected based on numerous factors such as the sound effects of the exhaust and how they impact the performance of the motor bike. All of these exhausts are of high quality and you will likely enjoy the sound each of these exhausts makes on your Ninja 300 motor bike.

Akrapovic Exhaust Sound :

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If you are an avid enthusiast, you are definitely familiar with the Akrapovic exhaust system. This brand is known throughout both the motor bike as well as the car world. Even though it is a new player on the field, it is quickly making its way towards the forefront of innovative materials technology.

They employ thousands of people to manufacture these fascinating exhaust systems. The badge is a symbol of quality and many people equate them to the Ferrari of the motor bikes. Their exhaust is true to their word and provides you with a boost in performance and sound.

There’s a reason they have diehard devoted fans throughout the world simply put they make an awesome product that has an awesome sound. Akrapovic exhausts are one of the best aftermarket exhausts you can purchase for your Ninja 300 motor bike.

Yoshimura Exhaust Sound :

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Yoshimura exhaust, a Japanese brand is one of the largest volumes of motor bike exhaust sellers in the world. They are used in the race series throughout the globe and by now the red badge has become absolutely iconic for your exhaust systems.

They have been collaborating with so many prominent motor bike companies, Suzuki in specific that their popularity has been boomed. Yoshimura exhausts without any doubt increases their dominance in sales as well.

Yoshimura exhausts are deep, refined, and affordable for bike lovers. And if you have a Japanese bike then you really cannot go wrong with the Yoshimura exhaust. The rich sound and ride dialed in using this exhaust will be a great option to spend your money on.

Two Brother Racing Exhaust Sound :

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Two Brother Racing exhausts are known for their very close involvement with other online motivators for example such as the Jake The Garden Snake You Tubers for their own variant for the f – zero 7. They also have the reputation for being one of the loudest exhausts available in the market.

The thing is that though loudness does not always equal a great sound output on your motor bike the Two Brother Racing full exhausts are the perfect fit for your Ninja 300. As they would make relatively less sound as compared to being installed in other motor bikes and make your vehicle perform better.

Graves Motorsports Exhaust Sound :

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Despite the fact that Grave Motorsport exhaust is synonymous with Yamaha, any way you slice it Graves Motorsports are best known for manufacturing systems through Yamaha motor bikes. They are system manufacturers which are extremely popular with the enthusiasts of mighty cross-plan engines and they provide support for the R6 and even the R3 as well.

The Graves Motorsport exhaust loses some points in ranking harder for the volume of sales as they just do not hit as hard on the market in comparison to other exhausts. However, install a Graves Motorsport exhaust on your Ninja 300 and you will be sure to have a good time.

They have a more Basie profile according to many professionals but again this could be due to the diverse effects the Graves Motorsport exhaust has on different motor bikes. But without any doubt, they do produce an amazing sound effect along with a smooth performance.

Well after looking at the volume of sales which is one of the easiest ways to offload ranking is it stands to reason that the more units of a given exhaust that has been sold the more quality the exhaust has. Since aftermarket motorcycle exhausts are pretty expensive and therefore the amount of sold exhaust buyers are very discerning and likely through a huge amount of research before deciding to pull the trigger on a system. It stands to reason that the more expensive a system is the more perceived value it has.

However, we simply just ranked the most glorious sound making exhaust that has good performance too. These exhaust systems will give you maximum gains because much like pumping iron in the gym the metal in the exhaust system is all about clocking and gains and making a powerful sound. With these amazing and numerous options available in the market, we have short-listed the best full exhausts for your Ninja 300.   


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