Are you having trouble deciding which shocks to buy for your motorcycle? While searching for the best motorcycle shocks, it could be hard to decide between the two that are equally good.

Well, it is essential to decide what kind of shocks you are installing onto your ride since it is a matter of your huge investment, your comfort, and most importantly your spine health. Burly or Progressive 412+ shocks? Both brands are American.

As good as their performances are, there are several distinct characteristics about Burly shocks and Progressive shocks. It’s these factors and features of the shocks that determine which ones of the two in comparison are best-suited for your motorcycle. 

For your information, Burly shocks are made by Progressive so you can rely on the quality of both easily.

Progressive Suspension

It has almost been 4 decades since the leading aftermarket motorbike suspension manufacturer, Progressive Suspension was established. The well-known aftermarket motorcycle components maker makes all OEM replacement parts and its suspension parts.

The comprehensive line of shocks and fork springs for bikes dates back to the 1950s, as well as products for new Adventure Touring bikes, Recreational Bikes, ATVs, and UTVs, imply that good performance suspension is not limited to street machines.

412 Shocks by Progressive Suspension

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The shocks in the 412 Series are simply the best performers in the marketplace currently.

The 412’s basic, long-lasting nature guarantees that they can maintain the suspension strength on your motorcycle for as long as you ride it. Smooth, continuous damping is provided by the double-wall steel body structure and nitrogen charged, multi-staged velocity sensitive valving.

A five-position preload adjuster allows you to fine-tune your ride irrespective of the intensity you ride with. Be it a light-rider or a hard-hitter, the preload adjuster covers you.

The 412 series come with numerous choices including full display chrome and black covers, chrome and black springs, as well as standard and heavy-duty shocks.

 One sure thing is that you will find the right progressive shock for your motorcycle in the 412 series of Progressive Suspension.These shocks have a year of warranty on them by the company.

412 Cruise Shocks by Progressive suspension

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The latest 412 Cruise gives the ideal balance between lowered stance and ride performance. By incorporating a flat-wire spring with a progressive main spring, the 12.5” shock lies like an 11.5” unit under the weight of the bike while using the entire stroke as terrain requires.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty and it also has a five-position pre-load adjuster. Its damper is gas charged and it is made for Sportster 1997-2017. Its main spring comes in two options, black, and chrome.

Burly Brand

The Burly brand is also an aftermarket motorcycle suspension manufacturer founded around three decades ago.

Burly Slammer Shocks

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If you are looking for a stiffer, controlled, and most importantly a lowered ride, these shocks are the ones for you. Similar to Progressive shocks, Slammer shocks also come in chrome finishing and solid black finishing.

The best part about this pair of shocks is that they are pretty inexpensive. The reason most suspension systems end up being expensive is that they are designed to offer performance upgrades.

However, as we mentioned before if you are in search of a relatively stiffer and lower ride and are not concerned with the rebound and damping factors, then Burly is a good option for you.

Slammer shocks are not apt for Softails because Softails require different types of shocks. These are good for Touring motorcycles. Another pro is that Burly Shocks are pretty easy to install on motorcycles.

Burly Stiletto Shocks

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The Stiletto Shocks are designed to give your bike an attitude, stance and suspension travel. The high-efficiency damper is enclosed in a spring mix specially engineered to cope with slight road noise and imperfections, while the main coil tackles major hits and bottoming.

Burly Stiletto Shocks are offered in 13” and 15” lengths for most Sportster models and 12.5” and 13.5” for Dyna models. Burly is planning to extend the Stiletto shocks application to include HD Touring and Triumph Modern Classic models.

 In this article, you can conveniently spot the pros and cons of Burly Shocks and Progressive Shocks. Progressive shocks have no doubt a solid reputation in the market but we’re sure not if everybody can afford them.

The major distinction is the price difference. Burly shocks come at almost half the price in contrast with Progressive shocks and reviews prove that they seem to satisfy buyers equally.

Also, Burly shocks are made by Progressive Suspension. It is no surprise that Progressive 412 series of shocks are the high-quality, best performance shocks out there but they are a bit pricey. The final decision is yours to make given your requirements and your pocket.


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