While shifting from one place to another, you must be looking for a trailer big enough to carry your multiple motorcycles.

Generally, motorcyclists choose a size of 6 x 12 to 14 to fit two bikes in one trailer.

If you also own two Harley Davidson motorcycles and are looking for a perfect trailer to move them, read this blog for more information.

Trailer For Harley Davidson

For your Harley Davidson motorcycles, you should look for a trailer that is spacious and lightweight as it is the most convenient way of moving multiple bikes at once.

The most important: it saves you from accidents.

Before hauling your bikes onto the trailer, there are many safety precautions that you should consider. A few of them are as follows:

  • Make sure that two of your bikes are not bugging each other. This helps in avoiding scratches and damage to the body part of your Harleys.
  • Ensure that the bikes are stable and placed safely.
  • Observe the height and width of bikes before loading them.

Size of Trailer for 2 Harleys

When searching for a trailer that can fit two Harleys, size 6×12 is quite preferred by most people. This size can keep both height and width limitations maintained for your bikes.

Some people choose 7 foot wide and enclosed trailers that can haul two bikes side-by-side. But the 6-foot wide will require you to stagger them by keeping handlebars away from interfering with each other.

Where can you find it?

When searching for a trailer that fits two Harleys, you’ll get plenty of options. These are the top 3 manufacturers from which you can buy the trailer that best suits your needs:

  • Triple A Trailers
  • Trailer Shopper
  • Harley Davidson Forums


Can you fit two motorcycles in a 6×12 trailer?

Yes, you can! The easiest way is to put one bike in the forward direction and the other one in the backward.

For extra safety, you can also tie-down straps to stop the bikes from moving sideways.

What size trailer do I need to haul 2 motorcycles?

The size of the trailer for hauling 2 motorcycles depends upon the height and width limitations. A ten-foot trailer is a little tight for two bikes and therefore sizes 12 to 14 will be the best option.

For Harleys, 6×10 is the minimum size but 6×12 is the most suitable one. You can also measure the length and width of your bikes and trailer to fit them perfectly.

How do you haul two motorcycles on a trailer?

Loading motorcycles on a trailer is quite a delicate task. Therefore, it should be performed by at least two people.  Make sure the bikes are positioned in a way that they face the trailer.

You can also ride on it and get the motorcycle in there but this option is not always convenient.

The right way is to safely place the ramp between the bike and the trailer. And then push it forwards to fit the motorcycles perfectly!


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