Touring bikes are renowned for their ability to travel great distances in comfort and luxury. They offer greater capacity for baggage and long-range refueling and are built to withstand the wear and strain of varied weather and wind situations.

Touring motorbikes often feature large displacement fairings and windshields that provide excellent weather and wind coverage, large-capacity fuel storage tanks for an extended range between fill-ups, engines with strong low-end horsepower, and more relaxed, upright seating posture than race bikes.

It comes to as little surprise that the Hayabusa is a champion of this stage. When the light turns green, the Hayabusa’s tremendous bottom-end torque, silky-smooth hydraulic clutch, and extended wheelbase make it effortless to shoot out of the hole.

Considering its status as a land-speed record-breaker, the huge Zook is indeed a fantastic around-Towner. The same characteristics that make it simple to launch also make it a highly forgiving downtown prowler. You would be hard pushed to kill this bike by leaving a light; with only a touch of the throttle, you can virtually creep away. Another aspect that receives praise is the transmission, which shifts smoothly.

The riding posture is extremely comfortable. The footpegs are not as a rear set and lower, and the handlebar location is not as aggressive. Off the ground, providing firm footing for all but the smallest rider inseams. When moving the bike around the garage or out of a parking place, you would think the Hayabusa weights much more than its already substantial estimated mass implies. However, when you are onboard and in motion that heaviness fades to almost nothing.

When driven aggressively on a narrow, twisting road, the Hayabusa is not as agile as supersport-type gear, but it makes up for that instability; the Hayabusa is rock-solid in rapid sweepers. On the street, suspension that would be considered soft on a racetrack is plush-yet-composed. Tight corners and rapid transitions put the bike’s cornering clearance to the test, but not to the point of detracting from the pleasure.

With its comfortable riding position and fantastic engine, the Hayabusa can be turned not only into an incredible sport-tourer that can slay the competition, but also a very good and, do not forget, extremely fast sportbike that can be a phenomenal mileage-eater.

Most Hayabusa enthusiasts are unaware that Suzuki did not plan for the Hayabusa to prevail at the drag strip, and the company had no idea that the aftermarket would begin modifying the Hayabusa into the bike-show marvels that you see today. In reality, Suzuki’s first objective was to create nothing more than a bike that buyers could easily rack up the miles on.

Sport-Touring Upgrades for Hayabusa

It is not unusual to find aftermarket firms producing sport-touring-inspired components. It is also not uncommon to come across a Hayabusa owner who spends up to 1000 miles on their bike in a single ride, even though there are superior sport-touring choices available. However, keeping in mind here is a compilation of a small list of aftermarket accessories designed for the Hayabusa that maximize its long-distance riding capabilities.

1.  Corbin Front Saddle

Corbin, a well-known seat maker, constructs their replacement saddles from genuine leather-wrapped high-density Comfort Cell foam, which is designed to distribute your body weight more uniformly over your derriere and minimize pressure points. The foam attaches directly to a Fibertech basepan, which attaches to the Hayabusa through rubber bumpers at the factory mounting points. You can also get a rear saddle.

2.  HeliBar’s Replacement Handlebars

The Hayabusa’s rider triangle is defined by a narrow foot peg-to-seat gap and long reach to the clip-ons, which HeliBar intends to compensate for with CNC machined, billet aluminum clip-ons. These new parts are a half-inch broader for improved leverage, raise the bar by 1.625 inches, and bring the perch a little closer to the rider.

3.  Metzler Roadtec Z8 Interact

The Bridgestone BT-015 M tires on the Hayabusa work admirably for factory-installed buns, but Metzler’s multi-compound Roadtec Z8 Interact is particularly intended to give higher mileage, increased wet grip, and make the steering effortless.

The rear tire’s design is centered on a lower silica concentration in the center for greater mileage and a higher silica content on the sides for enhanced grip in all circumstances. The tire profile is also redesigned, to optimize the tire footprint and improve handling characteristics.

4.  Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen

The Zero Gravity Sport Touring Windscreen for the Suzuki Hayabusa is one of three screens available for the legendary Hayabusa, and it is designed to divert wind away from the rider more efficiently than the standard screen. More importantly, the screen is made of high-quality acrylic plastic to ensure durability, and it is created using a vacuum-forming process to ensure distortion-free performance.

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The Hayabusa is a fantastic motorcycle for its truly incredible power. It is massive and peaceful at the same time, unlike the frenetic 600cc or 1000cc Supersports. The fuelling is perfect, the gears are faultless, and the clutch is simple to use. The seating arrangement manages to be both sporty and comfy.

Take it somewhere isolated and secure and just enjoy the sensation of riding a one-of-a-kind bike without feeling obligated to push it. It is a great bike for long weekend rides or vacations, or for those of you who want the power but do not always want to be pushed to utilize it.


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