Test riding a motorcycle before buying is very important when you are in the dilemma of deciding whether you should make the purchase or not. It is a deal-breaker as test riding lets you experience the drive on the road.

If it goes well with you, you can go for it. Otherwise, you can look for other options.

However, the question is: is it allowed to test ride a motorcycle without a permit?

And the simple answer is: No.

You must have a permit to test ride a bike. It is actually official permission to ride a motorcycle. In some parts of the world, it is equivalent to LS.

What Is the Importance of a Permit?

Getting a motorcycle permit is an initial step toward getting your official license. You can use a permit or LS while you are learning.

You are good to test ride your motorcycle if you have either of them. However, sometimes it also depends on the dealership you are buying from whether they allow you to ride or not.

So, yes. You can test ride a motorcycle with a permit but make sure to wear a helmet and safety gear.

Can you test ride a motorcycle on your LS?

Yes, you can test ride a motorcycle on your LS as it is equivalent to permit. LS gives you the permission to test ride a motorcycle so you can learn how to ride a bike.

How do I test my first motorcycle?

Looking to buy your first motorcycle but want to test it before the purchase? Here’s how you can do so:

  • First things first, don’t show up to your first test ride unprepared. Bring your safety gear to avoid any harm during your first ride and to ensure safety.
  • Do proper research on the bike that you want to buy. Visit a local motorcycle dealership to learn which one would be suitable for you. Check its kits, and seat position, and adjust it according to your preferences to efficiently test your motorcycle.
  • Bring someone along while doing your first test ride who is more experienced and can guide you during your first test ride. 
  • Before testing your first motorcycle, don’t forget to read reviews about it from other people, and then make your decision wisely by comparing and analyzing all the aspects.

Can you buy a motorcycle without a license?

Yes, you can buy a motorcycle without a license, it’s legal and possible. You don’t need to show a license to purchase a bike, all you need is money. No need to worry about getting a license before buying a bike.

That said, we bring this post to an end. We hope you learned enough about test riding a motorcycle with a permit. You can now go and test ride your motorcycle and make a purchase. Happy biking!


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