The fact that you’re here reading this article means you’re already interested in two wheels. But in the dynamic world of motorcycling, which company do you prefer using? Is it HONDA?

If so, you must be aware of their CBR series that got quite famous when it was released. In Honda motorcycles, CBR stands for Cross Beam Racer. Dan Hancock, a member of the company, explains that this series represents motorcycles that have a four-cylinder engine placed across its frame.

In the CBR series, two models that were prominently recognized and compared again and again were Cbr600rr and Cbr650r. This article explains the specs and features of both models to find out the better one. So, without any further due, let’s dig into the details!


In 2006, when Cbr600 was introduced in RR (the motorcycles that are close to the one used in racing), it was the most radical design that caught the attention of a lot of riders.

Being marked as the most steady model, the manufacturers added a whole new engine, frame, and bodywork that collectively made it a light yet powerful motorcycle. With its class-leading power-to-weight ratio, this motorcycle shows unparalleled performance.

You can’t lose a race with this bike in your hands. Furthermore, each vehicle that HONDA manufactures has something special to it. And Cbr600rr was the specialized one among all!


All companies, either big or one, look for changes that help them in achieving something greater. With a Twin-Spar frame, Honda introduced the Cbr650r with a classic design.

The new successor, Cbr650r is a fully-faired motorcycle that is likely to fit the design and function of a sports bike. The consumers that are using this model are always happy about the multiple features that this motorcycle carries.

One impressive thing about this model is that it is quite similar to the previous Fireblade generation of Honda which was quite expensive. It is also recognized as a liter-class sportbike.

Comparison between Cbr600rr and Cbr650r

When the two exclusive models of Honda i.e. Cbr600rr and Cbr650r are found in comparison, the consumers explain that there’s no better, rather they’re different.

Both of these motorcycles have completely different styles and classes that impress the buyers. Honda Cbr600rr has a high accelerating and peaky race engine while Cbr650r has a little less than that. In terms of structure or design, the model Cbr650r is considered more stylish and outstanding.

Cbr650r is more suitable to be used on streets and roads while the Cbr600rr is more convenient on tracks to beat the competitor. Moreover, Cbr600rr also has an amazing balance but the riders of Cbr650r sometimes complain that the handlebars are too high which loses their grip.

Conclusively, both models are comfortable in their own ways. You should figure out your specific purpose and then get a trial for both of these motorcycles. This way, you’ll get the right model within no time!


What’s the difference between CBR600RR and CBR650R?

CBR600RR goes well on track as its design fits well as a sports bike. On the other hand, CBR650R goes well on streets and roads, and therefore, you can consider it for daily use.

Is CBR650R a superbike?

Yes, CBR650R is a middle-weighted superbike that excels in terms of high performance, great style, striking looks, and impressive features. The one introduced in 2021 is an upgraded version of CBR650R that has a better engine and styling.

Is CBR650R fast?

From its 649cc inline four-cylinder engine, CBR650R can produce 94 horsepower. This makes it amazingly fast, but at the same time, easy and fun to ride.

Is Cbr650R a good bike?

The fact that CBR650R is quite easy to ride, has an engaging and comfortable design, it is surely a good bike in town. The ride quality is also impressive as it helps the riders to smoothly ride it on motorways.


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