Interested in a fuel-injected motorcycle? Here we have the most affordable options available for fuel injection in two-wheelers.

Fuel-injected motorcycles are far more straightforward, and they tend to increase fuel economy, increase horsepower, and improve throttle response which brings the advantage of having a smoother running engine.

These motorcycles are more fuel-efficient due to a better fuel delivery. However, it is still a rare feature to be available in the affordable segment.

So let’s look in the market today for the fuel-injected motorcycles that offer all the benefits mentioned earlier in a friendly budget.

04 Most Affordable Fuel Injected Motorcycles

A fuel-injected engine is better than a carburetor because it burns every drop of fuel more efficiently and thus releases less carbon into the atmosphere.

As there are a bunch of motorcycles that have been already introduced to this newest technology, you can have a look into a lot of options available for fuel-injected motorcycles that are worth riding on the road and pocket friendly.

Here’s a list of the top 04 cheapest Fuel-injected bikes you can buy from the market. 

Hero Glamour Programmed FI

If you are looking for a fuel-injected commuter, we have brought you the cheapest fuel-injected bike. The Hero Glamour FI, by its fuel injection engine, offers a 124.7cc motor.

The glamour FI puts out 11.7hp at 7,500rpm brings an incredible level of convenience that no other 125 ccs fuel-injected motorcycle can match.

The FI glamour bike also has a 240mm front disc brake, 11Nm of torque at 6,500 rpm, and best of all, an LED tail lamp.

For those who want a Hero Glamour with all these benefits mentioned above at a budget-friendly price, this is the only choice at the moment.

Yamaha Fazer FI

The Yamaha Fazer FI is currently the cheapest fuel-injected bike you can buy today. The Fazer FI 149cc air-cooled engine makes a torque of 13Nm at 6,000rpm and 13.2hp at 8,000rpm. Its wind protection and comfortable ergonomics are the strongest points of the Yamaha Fazer FI.

Yamaha FZ FI

The Yamaha FZ FI is another massively popular fuel-injected bike. The Yamaha FZ FI is powered by a single-cylinder that features a comfortable riding position, making it a great city commuter.

The Yamaha bike engine has heavy creases that generate a maximum power of 12.9 Bhp and returns a maximum of 50 km/l.

The excellent refinement of the Yamaha FZ FI gets a superb disc brake and a drum brake at the two opposite ends and a peak torque of 12.8 Nm. Yamaha FZ FI has gained a lot of fans and owners for its powerful features.

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V FI

Like RTR 200 4V, the new TVS Apache RTR 160 4V has been the flagship model of TVS for an extended period. The two engine options – fuel injection and carburetor, produce 16.8hp and 16.5hp at 8,000rpm respectively.

The TVS Apache RTR 160 4V sharp styling, comfortable ride quality, and brisk performance is our pick as the best fuel-injected bike and the cheapest fuel-injected motorcycle from the brand.

Which motorcycles are fuel injected?

If you are looking for an indication to check if the motorcycle is fuel injected, you need to examine the absence of a fuel valve and a choke which is a great sign that the bike is fuel injected.

Is a fuel-injected motorcycle better?

Many old bikers would love their carburetor engine motorcycles as they are easy to maintain and repair. However, fuel-injected motorcycles bring many benefits, such as providing much better cold starting, better fuel delivery to the engine, less maintenance, better fuel efficiency, and better throttle response.


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