Tour packs are made for motorcycle riders to take along with themselves while they are on a tour. They are engineered in such a manner that they easily fit on the motorcycle’s body. They also add some flare to the motorcycle.

These tour packs are very durable, and they are capable of resisting extreme heat, rain, and other severe weather conditions. Tour packs are usually made of the same color as the bike, so they appear to be a part of the motorcycle. But they are removable and changeable.

What to put in a tour package?

Some important items to take in a tour pack include a riding kit (gloves, helmet, visors, sunglasses, raincoat, etc.), electronic devices, rider accessories, and health and safety equipment.

Chopped and Razor tour pack

Chopped tour pack and razor tour pack are two very popular and convenient motorcycle tour packs produced by the Harley-Davidson company.

Choosing a tour pack for one’s motorcycle is a very important decision as all of them have different utilities; some are good for daily usage, and some serve the purpose in long tours.

These tour packs can easily be removed and changed. Some people buy both, and then fit the one which fulfills their requirements for that specific trip. However, it is better just to keep one that fits your routine and also looks good with your bike.


Given below is a comparison of both tour packs, which will surely help you to select the one that fits your requirements.

Chopped Tour PackRazor Tour Pack
Chopped tour packs are bigger in size. 8.7 x 11 inches approx.The Razor tour pack is relatively smaller. 7.9 x 9.8 inches approx.
It is heavier than a razor tour pack as it weighs about 20.1 pounds.It has a weight of about 21.9 pounds; thus, it is lighter than a chopped tour pack.
A chopped tour pack is a very good option for long trips and tours, as it has more capacity to hold items such as cameras, clothes, and shoes, etc. which are required in long trips.The Razor tour pack is good for daily use, like just roaming around in the town. It has sufficient space to keep daily use items like a gym bag, cap, gloves, etc.
It is very costly as its prices fall between the range of 300-350 $.Razor tour packs are available at lower costs ranging from 180-250 $.
It provides more lock options.The lock options are fixed.
It has a crisp design with decent finishing.It is more attractive and elegant.
It can accommodate a backpack and a cap.It only has space to keep a backpack.
It is made of injection-molded ABS plastic and painted vivid black.The material is the same with very high-quality painting.
Chopped tour pack comes pre-installed except for the backrest. The holds are drilled so the rider can easily fit the backrest.Razor tour pack comes with all the items pre-installed including the backrest. It has chrome hinges and chrome latches on opposite sides.
Chopped tour pack may not compete with a razor tour pack in terms of appearance, but when we talk about quality and durability, a chopped tour pack has the upper hand.Riders, who have more interest in making their motorcycle look attractive and stylish, and don’t have many items to keep in tour packs, prefer razor tour packs.


1. What is the difference between a chopped and a razor tour pack?

The table above clearly shows the difference between both. The chopped tour pack is bigger in size and has more capacity, so it is good for long tours. The razor tour pack is good for daily use and for giving an attractive touch to the motorcycle.

2. What is a chopped Tour pack?

Chopped tour pack is one of the most popular and convenient motorcycle tour packs produced by Harley-Davidson. It is useful for riders going on long trips as they can keep their necessary stuff inside this tour pack. It easily fits on the body of a motorcycle and usually is made of the same color as the motorcycle.

3. Can you fit a helmet in a chopped tour pack?

A full-face helmet cannot be fitted in a chopped tour pack. However, two half-face helmets can easily be kept in it.


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