What kind of riding style do you like the most? Is it passive, smooth, erratic, or aggressive? Most bike riders prefer an aggressive riding style over others.

Being an aggressive rider isn’t just about being a badass, rather you need to create an aggressive look for your bike. So, when it comes to giving some looks to your bike, the handlebars are something that comes to mind before anything.

What Are Handlebars?

The handlebars are one of the most essential and fundamental parts of a motorcycle. They are the basic and central units of a bike that control the steering mechanism.

They hold all the essential control that including clutch, brake, throttle, as well as horn and other switches. 

Motorcycle manufacturers try their best to manufacture their models with handlebars that fit the bike perfectly. However, sometimes riders want to switch things up.

Types of Handlebars

In the case of handlebars, there are two commonly used options in the market:

  • Standard or wide handlebars
  • Clip-on handlebars

Aggressive riders switch from standard handlebars to clips on as riders generalize the clip-on handlebars to just aggressive looks, but, clip-ones are more than that.

So, let’s just clear your misconception between both of these handlebars and how they are different. Read on.

Standard Handlebars

Standard handlebars extend to the sides of the motorcycle. It gives the rider an erect position on the motorcycle. These handlebars provide a significant amount of leverage.

As we know, the more the leverage is, the less input the steering will require. As a result, low-speed maneuvers will be less challenging.

Clip-on Handlebars

Clip-ons consist of two separate handles that are directly attached to the front forks. These kinds of handlebars are mostly used for sports bikes and are best for racing.

If you are into racing or track riding, clip-ones are best for you. No doubt clips-ones work best on the tracks but are surely not for daily riding. Also, if you are an advanced or even intermediate rider, these handlebars are still a good choice

Clip-on Vs. Handlebars: Which Is Better?

Well, it completely depends on you. We can say one is better than the other. If you are a professional rider or into sports, Clip-on handlebars will be perfect for you.

On the other hand, if you expect a good amount of leverage, go for standard or wide handlebars.

Let’s have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions to have a more clear concept of clip-on handlebars.

Are Clip-on Handlebars Better?

Clip-on handlebars help you learn more on the bike and distribute overall body weight in the biker instead of sitting in one place.

Moreover, it gives you more aerodynamic posture. So, clip-ones are better for sports bike riders.

What Does Clip-on Do For Motorcycles?

Clip-on handlebars make your motorcycle more aerodynamic, which helps the rider to have a forwarding leaning position. 

Is Clip-on Safe?

Clip-on generally gives an aggressive position making your posture lean forward. As a result, it causes pain in your body. Apart from that, clip-ones are totally safe and adjustable. You can use these handlebars without any worry.

How Do You Choose Clip-on handlebars?

It’s crucial to choose the right clip-on handlebars for your motorcycle. You need to measure the width, length of the handlebar area, and the clamp area as well.

There are so many other types of handlebars out in the market, such as flat bars, drop bars, aero bars, and a lot of others.

Each of these bars has a different style and performance pros & cons. You can choose whatever suits you best.


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