If you are looking for new batteries to replace the current battery of your motor bike then you might find yourself lost among the various other options available in the market. Nevertheless, no need to worry, you have come to the right spot. One of the best batteries you can get for your motor bike is the Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery. We have gathered all the information related to the motor bike batteries to provide you a single stop content, which will answer all of your queries and provide you with a detailed insight in regards to the Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery.

Review :

We have gathered all the reviews from professionals as well as the customers to give you an unbiased opinion, besides a brief introduction of the company too. Following are the details.

  • Industry background :

Decca East Penn out located in Pennsylvania, the United States of America manufactures the Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery. The Decca East Penn out are the OEM battery provider for Harley Davidson.

They make all of the motor bike batteries, so when you buy it from Harley Davidson it is just has the black case for the Harley Davidson on it. You would hardly see emblements on the front and labelled as from Decca OEM.

  • Extra ordinary quality :

Deka Power Sports ETX 20L batteries have the gray case with their own label on the front. These pair of batteries are rated at 12 volts 400 cold cranking amps, which is a conservative rating out of the box brand new.

They are about 450 cool cranking amps when you buy the battery brand new from the industry. They are going to be within a month from the manufacturing date on the side of the battery. In addition, they are all going to be topped off prior to sending them out to be fully charged for you to go. They top off all of them before they leave the facility.

  • Mounting options :

In this battery, it gives you two mounting options; you are going to be able to mount from the very front of the battery or from the top. It is a solid mold, made up of pure led and the hardware. The manufacturers also give you the brass spacers in the front to use here that are worth all the money and is pretty important.

  • Easy wiring and bolts setup :

The mounting are milled down on one side of the battery so they cannot spin. Therefore, they will sit right on the very edge and give you a flush mount so you don’t crimp your wires if you’re mining from the front. If you are mounting from the top, you do not need to worry about the spacers. Do not use them at all actually and just mount directly to the top of the battery with the bolts provided.

  • One year warranty :

The Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery itself comes with a one-year free replacement warranty, which provides not only the customers with security but also stands the test of time with the amazing quality.

Unlike other motor bike batteries which tend to run out very early and create more troubles than to ease your journey on different types of routes. The warranty of the battery provided is often associated to be in respect to the quality of the battery, therefore pick out your batteries wisely.

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  • Raw power :

As the name suggests, the Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery has a long life time which tends to stand the all the trials your motor bike has to face across your journeys. The power generated from this battery gives your motor bike a completely new life. You will be able to feel the difference between the performances of your motor bike, especially how easy it will seem to climb up the tracking routes, which you once find to be a bad route.

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Although you will come across a large number of varying reviews from different professionals and customers, but there will be one thing common in all of them, they all agree with the long lasting battery life and quality. The Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery are considered to be one of the best batteries available in the market for daily use motor bikes as well as the racing bikes.

The quality of the battery greatly influences the performance of motor bikes and sometimes even end up as being the causative agent as to why your motor bike ends up collapsing in the middle of your journey. We hope that by now you be smart enough to make a wise decision with the help all these insightful facts and figures provided in this article about the Deka Power Sports ETX 20L Battery.


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