The legacy of Dyna models started in 1991. These past two decades, they were considered to be the smoothest motorcycle model to hit the road ever.

Their popularity escalated even more when it was featured on a crime tragedy television show “Sons of Anarchy” in 2008. This show featured some of the best dyna models that later on made to the top 15 “coolest” motorcycles list that year.

If you are not familiar with this cool motorcycle line, let’s explore it together!

What is Harley Dyna?

Dyna is the lightest weight series in the Harley Davidson motorcycle line that was popular due to its powerful cruising potential.

The word “Dyna” itself meant power. When used as a suffix, it insinuates more power to the added thing and that was the real objective behind this new motorcycle line.

Dyna Motorcycle Line

The first dyna was FX Super glide. The later siblings of this family include

  • Dyna Glide
  • Switch back
  • Fat Bob
  • Low Rider
  • Wide glide
  • Street Bob

Difference between Dyna Models

Each Dyna was a custom made factory special with a V-twin engine mounted to it that was best for cruising at all speed limits.

But each of them has its own uniqueness when it comes to a framework that differentiates one from another.

Super Glide

It was the pre Dyna era in the Dyna motorcycle line.

Its main features include

  • Electric start engine
  • Long front forks to make motorcycle more stable
  • Wide rear wheels
  • Step up seat
  • Pillion foot rest

It was termed an FX: Factory Experiment. It was considered the fusion of F designation of Electra Glide and X designation of Sportster motorcycle.

Low Rider

Low Rider came up as an answer to all the questions over super glide and became the first Dyna. It was more ergonomically designed with

  • A rubber mounted engine
  • Pull back handlebars
  • Front placed foot rest
  • Low ground seat (26″ height)
  • Alloy front and rear wheels
  • Extended fork

Dyna Wide Glide

The name came from its wider wheel base. This makes it more comfortable for the tall people out there. It differs on the basis of

  • Centric stock seat
  • Big raked out front fork that gives a vintage look
  • Wider wheel base
  • It is also significantly lighter than other Dynas

Street Bob

This is the same as wide glide but without wide rear wheels. It has a more compact structure than other dyna series. Other differentiating features include

  • It has a soft classic frame work like other standard motorcycles.
  • More minimalist approach
  • Lighter weight
  • Has less accessories

Fat Bob

Fat Bob is an aggressive bike in both functioning and framework. It differs from other in regards of

  • More performance oriented
  • Increased length to stabilise the rider while driving
  • Tall unloaded seat
  • Greater lean angle
  • Great denim black wheel with cast aluminum and high-etched graphics

Switch Back

Switch back was the last in the line of dyna and had more resemblance with the touring series of Harley. Therefore it was also termed as a hybrid of two series of Harley.


What is the most popular Dyna?

Dyna Wide Glide was the most popular Dyna because of its efficient functioning and structural familiarity with everyone.

What makes Dyna a Dyna?

The frameworks of Dyna are thier speciality and they make Dyna a Dyna. They were even enlisted in the list of coolest motorcycles.

What is the difference between a Dyna Wide Glide and a Dyna Super Glide?

Wide Glide is more comfortable due to the center touring stock seat that is more feasible for taller people whereas Super Glide is cramped for up to 6′ and taller people.




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