Riding a bike is a passionate sport. It gives them freedom and keeps them young. You do not have to be skinny, short, tall or fat to ride a bike. If you love to ride a bike, you get on it and enjoy the ride!

Riders in a motorcycle community never judge one another based on their weight, height or colour. They share the same passion to ride a motorcycle.

They are more concerned about their motorcycle and their rides and they hardly give a thought to other people’s obesity.

However, you should be aware of the shortcomings of riding a bike as a fat guy. Let us find out if it’s okay to ride a bike as fat and what are the exact issues below.

Problems Faced by a Fat Guy on a Motorcycle

An overweight person faces many problems when riding a motorcycle.  These problems are discussed as follows:

Weight Limit for a Motorcycle

Motorcycles have a weight limit of 350-450 pounds. This weight limit allows the motorcycle to function properly. Although a motorcycle can bear an overweight person, it will lack its ability to function properly and will start to deteriorate.

Accidental Hazards

Obese riders when riding a bike should be very careful to avoid any accidents.  If they are encountered with one, they are likely to face more severe injuries as compared to a normal weight rider.

It has been discussed that the recovery time for a fat guy is extensive as compared to a normal weight rider.

Damage to the Motorcycle

An overweight person can cause great damage to the motorcycle.  Because of too much weight on the rear end of the motorcycle, the bike will not be able to handle it properly.

The big size of the rider can cause the operator forward toward the gas tank, which can make riding very unsafe.

Let us discuss further what a fat person must do to ride his bike and avoid any problems.

Buying the Right Motorcycle

Fat guys should thoroughly research which motorcycle would best suit their weight.  They must put forth their requirements for a bike and choose accordingly.

Buying the Right Gear

Riding gear is of utmost importance for anyone with a bike.  A fat guy must also see to it that proper and safe riding gear is worn when riding the motorcycle. It would keep them safe and will save them from any oncoming hazards.

Never Be Self-conscious

Fat guys on motorcycles should never be self-conscious.  They must accept their situation and move forward to enjoy the ride.  Many say that fat guys look cool when on the bike.  It’s all in the way you carry yourself on the bike.

Do Not Listen to Fat-Shaming People

People get a kick out of calling a fat person fat.  They like to make fun of people who are obese and are riding a motorcycle. Do not listen to such people. One must understand their passion and follow it.  A person’s love to ride a bike should never correspond with what other people think about them.

Final Verdict

It can easily be summarized that fat guys CAN ride a motorcycle. It is more than ok. There is no shame for fat guys to ride a bike. It is all about the skills.

With the right motorcycle and the right gear, fat guys can also enjoy long rides on the motorcycle. They would look pretty cool swishing away on their rides.


Which Motorcycle Is Best for Fat Guys?

Many motorcycles are best for fat guys out of which the best are as follows:

  • Supersport Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R
  • Sport Kawasaki Ninja 650
  • Cruiser Indian Scout 60
  • Sport Touring Triumph Tiger Sport 660

Can Heavy People Ride Motorcycles?

Motorcycles have a weight limit of 350-450 pounds.  Overweight riders can ride motorcycles but the performance of the bike will not be up to the mark.

Does Weight Matter When Riding a Motorcycle?

Weight is a factor to be considered when riding a motorcycle.  A heavyweight motorcycle will have great effects on the speed, comfort, and ability to ride. A heavyweight rider will also affect the performance of the motorcycle.

What Happens When You Exceed the Limit of Weight on the Motorcycle?

Exceeding the weight limit on the motorcycle will cause a deteriorating effect on the handling of the motorcycle.  Too much weight put on the motorcycle can cause adverse effects on its working.

Can You Be Skinny and Ride a Bike?

Being of a certain weight is not required to ride a bike.  Riding requires skill.  When proper skills are applied, any person with whatever weight or height can ride a bike.


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