Choosing a bike that suits your swagger and feels right when you ride it could be one hell of a time-consuming task.

If you are not careful enough in making the right choice, you might end up wasting your money on something that wasn’t meant for you.

You may also get confused but you don’t need to worry, Yamaha bikes could be the ones you could look at while buying your dream super sports bike.

Here is a little comparative description between Yamaha M2-07 and Yamaha YZF-R3.

Comparison of M2-07 & YZF-R3

Both Yamaha MT-07 and Yamaha YZF-R3 are sports bikes, but there are a few differences:

  • First is the price bracket. The price of the YZF-R3 is around 8898 dollars while the MT-07 costs around  5594 dollars.
  • The second one is the difference in engine power  MT-07 power is 689 cc whereas YZF-R3 engine is 321 cc. Both the engines have a high built-in quality.
  • The compression ratio for YZF -R3 is 11.2:1 with a fuel capacity of 3.7 gals. The compression ratio for M2-07 is 11.5::1 with the fuel capacity the same as Y3 around 3.7 gals. M2-07 has a weight of around 406 Lb and R3 has a weight of around 375 Lb.
  • YZF also can be used on the street but M2-07  is not made for the street, you can only ride it on the road. Most of the features are the same if you have a low budget and want to ride a sports bike you can choose MT-07. The company provides the same colors spark green, track white, and adrenaline red on both bikes.
  • Both the bikes have their pros and cons and as per the company’s reputation both value for money but when you choose a product to buy it’s about the value it adds to your life. A sports bike won’t serve you well if you need to ride it everyday. Know what kind of value you want to get from the bike and then  and should not


Is Yamaha R3 restricted?

Yes R3 is specifically designed for a category. It’s pretty smooth off-roading, seat height 31.7 inches even when you are in speed mode and want to turn the bike.

Is YZF- R3 fast?

The estimated speed for the YZF-R3 is 110mph which is around 180 km/h and it surely is quite fast as compared to normal bikes considering its high top speed.

Is the FZ-07 a good bike?

 It’s a very good bike if you want to ride it in the town. The engine has a multi-plate clutch which makes the riding experience so smooth.

Yamaha has a considerably high build quality with a reliable engine and overall good reviews from the users which do qualify it to be a good bike. 


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