Losing a key can be very unfortunate, thus, you should always keep a duplicate copy of your keys. 

A duplicate key of your Motorcycle can be very useful as this is one of the best ways to insurance of your bike.

In case you lose your keys and don’t have a duplicate too, you’ll face hurdles and spend money on the locksmith and of course, it will take your time too.

Duplication of the keys helps you when you are sharing your motorcycle with your sibling. Every one of you can have a copy of your Motorcycle key. 

If you take the key with you leaving the motorcycle behind, your sibling doesn’t have to wait for you to use it.

Let’s talk about different methods of getting your Motorcycle keys copied:

When You Have Your Motorcycle Key with You

If you’ve already got one key with you, you can go to the nearest locksmith and give your keys to him. It will take a very short time and it’s not going to cost you much.

A locksmith will use a machine that will trace the profile of the key with a probe which will further transfer the trends to the cutter for creating the same copy.

When You Have Lost or Misplaced Your Motorcycle Key

If you’ve lost or misplaced your motorcycle key, you can get a new one in two ways:

Using ignition cylinder code – The ignition cylinder is located at the center of the motorcycle handle (between the speedometer and tachometer) and has a shaft for inserting the key to start the motorcycle.

Pull out the shaft to easily locate the ignition cylinder code. The ignition cylinder code is usually 4 digits long. Note it down somewhere so that your locksmith can easily make a copy using this code.

Locksmiths have a reference table with values and codes. They can make a key by using those values.

Taking the complete ignition cylinder to the locksmith – If it’s difficult to locate the ignition code or if you cannot see it clearly, then carry the complete ignition cylinder to the locksmith.

The locksmith selects a new and a blank key. He will get the impressions on the blank key by turning the key in the key slot.

These impressions help to make a new one by inserting it into the ignition cylinder. This method will take your time and you’ll have to spend more money than the earlier methods.

Replacing the complete ignition cylinder with a new one – After trying these methods, if they don’t work then the other option is to buy a new ignition cylinder and replace it on your motorcycle.

For this method, you must note down the model, capacity, and year of manufacturing of your motorcycle.

Then take a photo of the ignition cylinder and search for a replacement cylinder.

Select the one from the market which suits your Motorcycle and then replace it. Make sure you get a new ignition cylinder and a new key.


If you have a habit of losing or misplacing your Motorcycle keys, the following tips may help you.

  • Make a habit of placing your motorcycle key in a specific place daily.
  • Keep everything organized. It will help you to find your keys even if you lost them.
  • Never leave your keys in the motorcycle even if parked in your own home.
  • Get your keys duplicated and keep them in a safe place for use afterward.
  • You can install a GPS sensor or a Bluetooth tracker on your key.


How do I make my motorcycle key?

You need a bottle cap or anything made up of metal that you can cut easily. Trace your motorcycle key impression on the tracing sheet, get it printed on the metal, and then cut it according to the impression. In this way, you can make a motorcycle key yourself.

How much does it cost to get a motorcycle key made?\

Motorcycle key copy can cost you around $8-$16. And if you’ve lost your key, it will cost you approximately $120-$180 for a replacement key.

Can motorcycle keys be duplicated?

Motorcycle keys can be easily duplicated if you have a motorcycle with a common metal key. You can get a new one by cutting the older one.

A locksmith can also use the ignition cylinder code, or maybe the entire ignition cylinder to make a new key.  

You can also get your keys duplicated from your bike dealer with the help of your bike’s VIN.

Are there any keys that cannot be copied?

Numerous keys are available in the market with different types of shapes and sizes to choose from. Most keys cannot be duplicated but DND Master Keys can be copied.

DND Keys are best for security purposes. People often use these as they are of great quality. These are also used in areas with high security.

Other than this, the following is a list of keys that cannot be duplicated:

  • Abloy keys
  • Four-sided keys
  • Laser-cut keys
  • Transponder keys
  • Tubular keys

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