Motorcyclists across the world have paved roads and terrains for grand adventures.

For shorter riders, specifically, those standing at 5’3” tall, cycling to their destination can sometimes look difficult.

Don’t worry, because we’ve done the heavy lifting for you!

Taking a round of the most popular opinions of motorcyclists out there, this is what we found:

If a motorcycle weighs 400-700 pounds, 26 inches are a seat height that can be handled by most standard riders, short or tall.

What does a 5’3” rider need to know?

First things first, choose a bike with a lower seat that fits you!

Cruiser bikes are usually equipped with lower seat heights which are optimal for short-heighted riders.

A few sub 300cc bikes also have comparatively lower seat heights.

Although being short-heighted and riding a bike with greater seat height doesn’t cause problems on the go, it causes trouble in places where you are required to slow your speed, such as traffic signals, or 180 degree turns.

When you press the brakes and try getting your foot down, you’ll have to tiptoe, which may cause the weight to shift to one side of the motorcycle, making you lose your grip altogether.

As long as your feet can reach the pedals safely, you won’t face danger.

But if those conditions aren’t fulfilled, then you could have to say goodbye to your balance!

But don’t be scared in order to achieve the maximum out of your bike, there are a few modifications you can make:

  • Lowering the rear suspension: It will make your ride harder.
  • Getting a thinner seat: Again, this would make the ride harder and improve feedback.
  • Look for a bike model with a lower seat height.
  • If the pillion seat is higher than the rider’s seat, it can be a nuisance to get your leg over. Note this before you invest in a long-term purchase!

Size number and bikes-what does it mean?

Bike manufacturing companies do not have a consensus on where you can measure bike frames to determine their size number. But the consensus lies in a basic principle.

The sizing of a bike is done by measuring its vertical height, which can be measured from the crank axis to multiple points on the bike, which depend on the manufacturer.

However, if you’ve done your research, you can estimate that the bike you should look for lies in the 51 cm range.

If your legs are longer in proportion to the rest of your body, you’d do well to have a bike with a lower size number. If it’s your torso that takes up more space, then a larger bike would be a better fit for you.

Biking tip: The best way to know that you’ve got a good deal is to know that you’ve got to cop in a feel. Go out and talk to bike shop employees and go for a test run!

The best motorcycles for a person whose height is 5’3”

My favorite picks include:

  • Royal Enfield, specifically the Thunderbird or a Classic 350! Classic, sturdy and dependable, these bikes come with their own fan club. You’ll be the talk of the town!
  • The Jawa series, as they have a very low seat height. Equipped with upright handlebars and forward-set foot pegs, these bikes are close to making it ideal for shorter riders!
  • The Pulsar. The Pulsar’s ergonomics support short riders to the max. It’s true that some may have to tip-toe, but the bike is lightweight and can navigate traffic very well. It is also cheap to maintain and parts are easily accessible.
  • The Yamaha V Start 250 is a popular option, and is often considered one of the best small cruisers out there.

In a gist, if you’re a beginner, get the smallest capacity motorcycle that also fulfills your usage and goals.

Wondering why? Then look below at the advantages of small capacity motorcycles:

  • Lightweight, they can help boost your confidence.
  • They are cheap to repair. Cheap motorcycles have spare parts which are easily accessible.
  • You can learn more about the handling and feel of the motorcycle because you have little power, which equals more freedom.
  • Perhaps the most important one: they are absolutely fun to ride!

Things to remember:

Always ask the seller to give you a test ride of the motorcycle you’re interested in.

Take it out to a terrain similar to the one you are seeking. Cityscape or highway views, you choose the environment you will ride in-and once you’re comfortable, you can get it.

When you’re riding the right bike, you’ll be in a world different from your own!

If you’re a complete newbie who has not ridden a bike in the past, take riding lessons, get inspired, and soar!