Riding a bike is considered a lot more dangerous than any other vehicle which is why bikers should pay extra attention to their safety measures such as wearing proper gear for protection.

Mounting a GoPro camera on a helmet can also help riders in traffic but this decision is in the grey zone. Some countries consider it legal while others illegal.

The riders are also very confused about it. But stress not, cause this article will help you out in making the right decision. So, let’s start with it.

Laws about a GoPro on the helmet

The law about wearing a helmet is mandatory in some states while some don’t consider it an obligation.

When even the laws about wearing a helmet vary in different areas, what can you expect about GoPro cameras? They also vary.

Precisely, there is no such law regarding helmet cameras which leaves room for various interpretations and speculations. Therefore, you should also not worry about these.

Is it Illegal?

Well, no such country considers it illegal unless the Gopro is damaging the structural integrity of the helmet. It means you shouldn’t drill holes in it.

You’re not committing an offense if the camera is only attached to your cap or any other part than the helmet. Therefore, if you’ve been stopped by any police for this problem, don’t pay the fine and fight for your right!

How can you avoid penalties for wearing a GoPro on a helmet?

The best way to avoid penalties is simply not to wear it. But if you’re interested in wearing it, just make sure you’ve read all the laws regarding it.

Stay alert regarding your country’s regulations to avoid traffic violations. It’s always better to have contact with a local law enforcement official.

Because when being pulled over, you can’t assume how worse the situation could get.

What could be the consequences?

You should probably assume the worst scenario. It is because some countries are extremely strict about traffic violations. So, you can never be sure how high or low the fine would be for wearing a GoPro on a helmet.

Do you know why the government imposes high penalties for this violation? It is because once you’ve drilled holes in your helmet, it’s already damaged and hence won’t be able to keep you safe.

Further, wearing a GoPro camera on a helmet can become a major reason for which you’ll get injured more than expected. Therefore, it is better to avoid it!


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