Are you someone who loves riding motorcycles and playing guitar? Or maybe you just want to figure out a way to carry your guitar on a motorcycle. Either way, we are all about helping you through this article.

Watching people ride bikes in movies while carrying their guitars looks really cool, doesn’t it? But it is all fun and games until you have to do it yourself.

Safety and comfort along with other factors should be one’s utmost priority. Therefore, we need to discuss the right way of safely riding a motorcycle while carrying a guitar.

We have laid out a little guide to answer all your possible questions related to guitars on motorcycles below.

Here’s How You Can Carry Guitar On Motorcycle

It is natural for people to have an attachment to something they are passionate about. Therefore, they would want to protect it at all costs.

Remember when you are traveling, you might face issues like bumpy roads, congested streets, or packed roads that leave hardly any space for your motorcycle to move, let alone carry a guitar. Under such circumstances, there might be chances of your guitar getting damaged.

Therefore, you must use a carry bag for your guitar on your bike. It will protect it from damage.

Following are some aspects that you should take care of while getting a guitar bag. Make sure you read and follow them.

Size of the Bag

Now, the issue here is finding a bag that is “the one” for you. Well, it is quite simple. A carry bag for your guitar should fit your guitar perfectly. Meaning it should not be too big or too small.

You can find many stores online or offline. Get one big enough for your bag and put your guitar in it while you ride a bike.


Other than the size of the bag, a good strap is one of those features that come in extra handy. When shopping for a bag, preferably look for butch-proof straps.

This allows you to easily adjust the bag on your motorcycle and provides extra protection while you ride a bike with a guitar.

Quality and material

Once you are done finding the perfect sized and strapped bag, you can move towards the quality and material.

Of course, the bag should be made of sturdy and top-notch quality. You can find a variety of materials like leather etc.

However, it is better to invest in both soft and hardcovers. This way you can alternate between the covers depending on if it will be a rainy or a sunny day.

Frequently Asked Questions: Guitars on Motorcycles

Can I carry a guitar on a motorcycle?

Yes, you can carry a guitar on a motorcycle. You must secure your guitar in a bag or a case. Next up, either tie the bag’s strap across the seat or screw it through the GB mount hole.

How do you carry a guitar on a bike?

The trick is to install a standard GB luggage mount on the side of your motorcycle. To safely carry a guitar on a motorcycle, you must drill a hole through the GB mount.

This allows you to fix the guitar case or bag on the motorcycle guardedly.

Once you have fixed the case on the motorcycle, you can screw it properly and you are good to go.

How do you carry a guitar on a scooter?

You can simply carry a guitar on your scooter just like you would on a motorcycle.

Wondering how is it possible? By installing a GB luggage mount on your scooter.

If that does not work for you, you can always tie the strap of your guitar bag across the passenger seat.

The Bottom Line

Some things seem a little confusing before you start doing it. However, nothing is impossible. The same goes with our readers here who were fighting their way to carry guitars on their motorcycles.

With the aforementioned steps, we are sure you will be able to safely travel with your guitars. Get yourself a good carry bag and voila! Carry your guitar on a motorcycle without any worries. It’s as simple as that!


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