Every transport vehicle that hits the road has a dashboard. And just like others, a motorcycle has one that also uses lights to give out warning signs.

These signs are used as a universal symbolic language to overcome the language barrier all around the world.

If you are wondering about these lights and signs, this blog post is all about them.

Let’s start together!

Color Coding

Ideally, 3 main colors are used as the indicators.

  • Green/Blue: It is used to indicate the normal activity of the system.
  • Amber: It is a pre-warning indicator to highlight that something is about to go wrong.
  • Red: This is the sign of danger that indicates a fault somewhere in the system. So stop driving and check immediately.

Warning Signs Used

1.     Motorcycle Ignition Light

This sign illuminates in red. It activates at two points. Firstly, when you start the ignition. It turns on indicating the normal functioning of your engine.

Ideally, all the signs pop up when the ignition is turned on and then turn off.

Secondly, if it pops up during riding. This is a troubling sign that indicates that there is some problem with the engine.

You can drive safely with this on but it is best to get your engine checked for worn-out batteries that need replacement.

2.     ABS Warning Signs

ABS system is an anti-lock braking system installed in all the models of Harley to prevent skidding of the motorcycles and to provide a safer rider.

This indicator stays on until the motorcycle has picked a speed of 10-15 mph. After this, the system is activated and the indicator is turned off.

If the light remains on, there is some fault in your ABS system that needs a checkup but the good part is it does not affect the normal brakes.

3.     Motor Oil Pressure

Oil is the main lubricant in the engine to prevent wear and tear. So normally the pressure remains high and this sign remains dead.

However, if this pressure falls or if there is a leak, this sign is turned on in red indicating a serious defect.

You need to visit a mechanic as soon as possible if you want to save your engine.

4.     Engine Temperature Warning Light

Engine overheating is an alarming sign because it is surrounded by electrical wiring and overheating can trigger a spark.

Hence, whenever this sign pops up, check for any leak in the cooling system or its depletion and refill it.

Allow the engine to cool down before starting the engine again.

5.     Engine Management Warning Light

This is an amber color indicator that monitors the functioning of the engine from ignition to intake, fuel, and exhaust.

If this light remains on, get your engine checked as soon as possible.

6.     Motorcycle Neutral Sign

It is the least bothersome sign on the dashboard. This green indicator indicates that your gear is in a normal position.

7.     Directional Indicators

This green signal is to point out the direction you are willing to turn while driving.

When both of them are used together, this is a sign for other drivers of a hazard.

8.     Low Battery Sign

This is a Harley special sign used on its motorcycles to indicate some problem with your battery somewhere.

9.     Red Key Light

This is a Harley special sign too that is used for unplugged batteries.


What does the red light mean on my Harley Davidson?

It is a definite indicator of something faulty that you need to get checked.

How to reset the check engine light on a Harley Davidson manually?

Turn the engine off, disconnect the negative battery and wait for a few minutes. Reconnect them again and start the engine.


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