With a new age of developing technology and advanced means of transportation, the market is booming with new brands of motorbikes each trying to get ahead of another while at the same time maintaining their own quality standards.

Many people find it be a really difficult decision to choose which motorbike is the best they should buy, especially when you are comparing elite motorbike brands such as Harley Davidson and Royal Enfield.

To be very blunt, both of these brands stand out in their respective ways as well as offer similar fields in which you can ride them along with the prominent features and the excellent quality of the products. In short, you cannot compare these motorbikes.

But to provide you with an elaborate understanding, we have compiled all the essential data regarding each of these motor bike brands.

This will help you gain an insight into which motor bike you should be purchasing and the various features each of these brands have given to their respective products.

And last but not least it always depends on your personal preferences and the circumstances you will face while riding the motorbike.

So let’s jump right in and discuss the Harley Davidson motor bike brand first along with its features, pricing, and drawbacks, then cover the same features along with the pricing range and drawbacks of the Royal Enfield motor bike brand.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson is one of the most famous motorbike brands in the whole world. There is nothing like the sound of a Harley Davidson motorcycle and their customers are well aware that the sound cannot be imitated by any other competing brand. Let’s give you a brief comprehension of the history of Harley Davidson.

The evolutionary storyline of Harley Davidson :

In 1903, Harley Davidson, which is an American motorcycle manufacturer was founded in Milwaukee Wisconsin. It is one of the American motorcycle companies to survive the Great Depression as well as many numerous subsidiary arrangements.

Harley Davidson is currently the world’s fifth-largest motorcycle manufacturer and the iconic brand known for its loyal following. And up till now, Harley Davidson has categorized the motor bikes into Touring, Trike, Street, Cruiser, and Electric.

Features of Harley Davidson Motor Bikes :

Some of the prominent features of Harley Davidson motor bikes which you will find in most of their models are briefly discussed below to give you an idea of how they have molded the modern technology to produce such masterpieces.

  • Headlights :

It all starts from the very basic light bulb installed in the headset to the little addition in the cyclostyle strip headlight. They are super bright, which ensures that everybody’s going to see you coming down the road admire the drag style.

  • Customized sitting feature :

The bars with the three-inch riser, and just to give them an upper hand, you can adjust this bar degree-wise front and front and back, which is a nice little feature that adds to it to customize your sitting position on the motorcycle.

  • Tire shape and size :

Another thing that obviously is going to stand out and say it’s a Harley Davidson motor bike is the tires. They have a wide range from being crispy thin to very meaty. They have got great tread on them with the front and the rear.

  • Unique signature on the wheels :

 The tires whether they are the spoked wheels or the cast wheels, you’re going to get the Harley Davidson tag that’s laser engraved into the wheel that is a really cool feature among the numerous others.

  • Trendy and efficient exhaust system :

One other thing that’s going to grab the attention of the customers, as well as the standby viewers, is the unique range of exhaust systems added to the motor bike. One of the advanced setups which are installed in the fat bob model of Harley Davidson is the upswept exhaust.

  • Adjustable and variety rear shocks :

You will observe the latest models are also going to come with the inverted front forks right and then the hand-adjustable rear mono-shock on the frame. This really allows you to customize the ride depending on your load and your riding style or riding situation couple.

  • Enraging power engine :

The motor installed in the Harley Davidson motor bike gives you all the power you’re ever going to need on a standard 690-pound motorcycle. It is also going to hook you up to a six-speed transmission so on the highway which you’re going to enjoy while cruising.

Devoid of any uncertainty you will get a nice and comfortable ride where you would not really have to worry about the highs and the lows in the RPMs while you cruise down the road.

  • Advanced cooling system :

An additional thing about Harley Davidson motorcycle is that the latest models are going to be oil cooled other than the models which just have the air flowing over the motor bike to cool the engine.

You’re going to have that oil cooling system to help keep you down in temperature. This will allow you to have a ride where you would need to continuously worry about overheating your motor bike.

  • Fuel tank :

One more feature which is prominent among the Harley Davidson models is the size of the tank which varies from three and a half up to five gallon tank. It’s a really nice small-size tank that allows you to have a good amount of fuel so you can travel a good distance.

It is also positioned in such a way that it makes enough space for you and the passenger or the load if you are carrying without affecting the distinctive style of Harley Davidson motor bikes.

  • Appealing and individual exterior :

A Harley Davidson is designed in a characteristic way that gives the different motor bike models their exclusive exterior while making sure to keep the sleekness and the lines, that is definitely going to make the motor bike look sexy.

Pricing Range :

Considering the exclusive features offered by each model of Harley Davidson motor bikes, they are respectively considered expensive by the public but definitely worth each and every penny. The wide range of motor bikes vary from about $ 6,000 for Harley Davidson Street 500 to up to $ 1.9 million for Harley Davidson Blue Edition.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield is one of the most storied brands. It’s probably one of the oldest continuous manufactured bikes originally built in England. It is famous for singles and then the 60s the Interceptor and then the 750 CC with the neutral finder which was a really fascinating thing.

Pricing and manufacturing :

Keeping in mind that Royal Enfield is a relatively small motorcycle company. Yet they still manage to sell over 850 thousand bikes a year which is pretty amazing When you think about it a lot of manufacturers don’t and would love to have those kinds of numbers.

There is no other motor bike brand that even comes anywhere close to them and they’re all pretty reasonably priced too. The starting price is about $ 5000 for Royal Enfield 650 Twins and the most expensive motor bike is Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter for $ 11 million.

In between and the thing that really makes these bikes, killers are the price. Most people would guess this is probably sixty five hundred seven thousand dollars same as the Harley Davidson but Royal Enfield is much cheaper relatively and it comes with a two year warranty with all these exclusive features.

Features :

  • Prevents vibration :

Royal Enfield has its special features which make its motor bike models distinct such as a new 410 CC has an air-cooling engine system as well as an oil cooling engine system in some models. And it has a counterbalance or in it so it doesn’t vibrate when you’re up at highway speeds so it’s a great bike you can go on the road off-road anywhere.

  • Quality performance with a powerful engine :

Royal Enfield motor bikes come with a relatively cheap price but it does not mean in any way that their quality is compromised. Instead, you would find yourself in various such situations where an expensive motor bike is not as powerful as Royal Enfield. They have about 48 to up to 50 horsepower which ensures a smooth ride.

  • Traditional clutching system :

Some people prefer old-school traditional styled motor bikes and do not want to step through things such as using the centrifugal clutch. For such people who want to have a proper shift and a proper clutch and drive it like a traditional motor bike rider then they should definitely purchase a Royal Enfield.

  • Sleek appearance :

Royal Enfield motor bikes are really impressive as they do not only have an appealing vibe but also amazing performance. With the wide range of types which is perfect according to your preference such as a sporty bike or a single-seat, if you like to swing your leg over and are really light at the same time. They are very manageable and give you an enjoyable ride.

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  • Perfect height :

A Royal Enfield has a higher bar which makes it really comfortable at the brace across in the front. There is also a center stand that allows you to do your own tire changing and other adjustment services on your own without any assistance from a mechanic.

They also have a standard 31 and a half inch seat height which makes it just really easy and comfortable. So the Royal Enfield motor bikes can be used as a commuter bike not only for the city cross but also it could be used for cross country.

There is a specific lineup of Royal Enfield specifically manufactured for the Himalayas trail and other such mountain rides.

Relative comparison :

Now if you want to have a close comparison, the Harley Davidson motor bike is a lot more powerful and goes quickly up to about one hundred forty and thirty easily whereas the Royal Enfield motor bikes face a little struggle to get up to a hundred on flat roads.

That is just one part of the story but the other side is that to sit and to ride for long distances.  They all are comfortable and are affordable but to ride in the city it is much easier to ride a Harley Davidson motor bike but it is relatively heavier and bigger but it’s got a lot more torque as well.

But then again it is a bit difficult to explain as Royal Enfield motor bikes are much faster and a great option for long road trips as well as trails. Objectively speaking they both are good bikes and are reliable but not powerful. Royal Enfield is less heavy but they have got metal and are harnessed with the major retro theme.

Objectively speaking you can’t really compare Royal Enfield motor bikes because the Harley Davidson is better having said it is also a much more expensive motor bike with better technology and does not require much time to warm up as compared to Royal Enfield which requires five to fifteen minutes to make sure that the engine is warm and ready to embrace the long journey for the day ahead.

Considering all the distinct features provided by each motor bike brand, they both are perfect for their respective category or the situation you will be riding your Harley Davidson or Royal Enfield motor bike.

And in most, if cases the power to pull the trigger actually depends on the personal preference of the customers or the exterior appeal or speed, whichever factor you consider as significant.

But you should definitely consider all these aspects before buying a motor bike solely on the basis of exterior or the pricing range because these motor bikes are worth the money but not refundable so make a perfect choice accordingly after thinking through all these things.


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