No road is long enough when you have the proper company. Four wheels move the body two wheels move the soul. Regardless of how bad your day is but your bike will always make you feel better. Bikes bring you to the places which cars never see.

With the evolution of technology in every passing year, the market is flourishing with new models of motorbikes.

People find it difficult to settle on the superlative bike for their ride and it becomes more problematic when they have to pick out of two leading brands such as Harley Davidson and Triumph which come neck to neck in features, branding, and services.

To be very blunt both of these products stand out in their respective ways. This article consists of detail and precise data analysis of both heavyweights in this field making it easy for you to understand and choose the best aftermarket product according to your preferences and riding styles.

At last but not least it is always the personal preference of the buyer to choose a product for its comfort and design. So, without wasting any time let’s shift our focus to the comparisons of these brands.

Harley Davidson:

As money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a Harley Davidson and that’s the same thing. There are three major rewards of Harley Davidson motorbikes antagonistic brand management, product simplicity, and commitment to the product.

This brand has engrossed in three main initiatives reorganizing the business management, civilizing the manufacturing process, and handling its brand name through different dealerships. Harley Davidson is noted for its style of customization.

In the start the company only made heavyweight, air-cooled cruiser motorbikes having engine displacements but it has extended its vision as now offering VRSC and middleweight bikes as well.

Brand Power: 

Everybody does not care but the brand does matter. And once It comes to brand power Harley Davidson is a step ahead. Harley Davidson brand is part of modern culture and most people know about it due to its good branding.

Harley Davidson is serving as the fifth major motorbike assembler in the world at the moment. This brand is a cultural icon when it comes to bike riding.

People riding the motorcycles want to look cool and when the rider has a bike named after an iconic brand with a lustrous look of supremacy, extravagance, and high status its usual that many groups of people want to be part of it.

As this does promote their value in the circuit around. Another aspect of brand power is that the rider has easy access of exchanging, revamping, and advancing parts anywhere due to access of traders close to the locations.

Features make the product look worthful or worthless let’s discuss them in the next segment.

Features of Harley Davidson Motorbikes:

Below are discussed some of the notable features of Harley Davidson which they have used in most of their models to make their bikes look classy, cool, and fashionable. These points will assist you to know more about this brand in detail.

  • Unique Headlights: 

Headlights are the eyes of the bike as we can see as far as they make possible for us. Harley Davidson also emphasizes on it as this brand uses bright led lamps that are white in color and provide a dominant light pattern over usual incandescent lamps.

In comparison with the yellow halogen bulb, the white color led light creates a daylight color impression which looks extraordinary to the user. The lamp consists of two D Shaped optical lenses, a single low beam lens, and three high beam lenses.

The lamps used in this brand are DOT and ECE compliant.

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  • Compact:

Harley Davidson bikes are small and lighter in size such as Sportster. The design of the bikes is compact and customized some are inspired by racing motorbikes and some by old traditional designs.

Few models are slightly heavier but they provide a good power-to-weight ratio such as Dyna as they carry twin engines with a traditional outlook.

  • Valued Sitting Attribute:

Harley Davidson has used the modern technology of ergonomic science to design the sitter for their respective riders as they believe riders come in all shapes and sizes.

The brand has focused specifically on the seats by emerging a widespread range of seats for their riders to choose according to their comfort and preferences. Some of the seats include super reduced reach in which seats are intended for short frame riders.

Sundowner seats are for long haul comfort and signature seats give a feature of five height adjustment. These were few articles that are discussed out of the large pool of seats.

  • Organized Exhaust process:

One of the things that stand out in Harley Davidson bike models is the exhaust systems as they do nothing less to grab the attention of the customer. The best exhaust systems available in the market are used in it such as Screamin eagle street canon mufflers.

This gives the famous Harley sound while preserving the comfort of the neighbors. Owing to these innovated exhaust systems the ride of Harley Davidson is somewhat special.   

  • Engaging Power Engine:

The latest addition to the Harley Davidson family is the revolution of the motor used in the engine to make it work efficiently and swiftly. This advancement has helped in providing more torque increasing the overall power of the engine.

This modernization of the technology has helped to reduce vibrations due to which cruising on high and low tracks is not a problem now.

  • Productive Cooling Systems:

The thing which has amazed the customers in the new models is the advancement in the technology of the cooling systems used in these bikes. These cooling fans are engineered to maximize rider and passenger comfort.

This feature helps in maintaining the engine in conditions where it tends to overheat such as on heights or in heavy traffics. By introducing this system Harley Davidson has increased the life of the engine. 

  • Price Range:

According to the market view, Harley Davidson bikes are considered a bit luxurious but in view, with the qualities in it, these bikes are worth buying. The array of these bikes varies from $6000 for street 500 up to $1.9 million for the blue edition.


It is your road one can ride it with you none can ride it for you. It’s not about what you ride but how you ride it so electing the right motorbike for your ride must be the primary and utmost preference.

When Knievel endeavored the longest jump of his career 141 feet, he accomplished it by riding Triumph. It was a rational choice given Triumph’s sizzling repute for performance and acceleration. Triumph is one of the fastest-growing brands in the world at the moment. Triumph is a UK-based corporation relishing killer achievement owing to their diversity in aftermarket products. Triumph originates in the market with a motto which is I don’t want incremental growth I want to be no 1.

Let’s discuss some of the swashbuckling features which this astonishing product enjoys. 

Features of Triumph: 

  • Pathfinder Led Lights: 

Headlights used in these bikes are particularly designed to keep the visibility and functionality as top primacies. These lights are built on a projector design with a light source behind a projector that is much more penetrating.

The projector lens helps project the light source further and broader down the road. Impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses are used which provides high-quality visibility and increases rider’s safety.

  • Encouraging Saddle: 

Triumph saddle owns a cell foam that delivers a steady, secure, and supportive ride for miles. The saddle is ergonomically formed to give extra square inches of body contact. Due to this weight distribution is proper while riding and hotspots are eliminated.

Genuine leather seating is used which makes the saddle sturdy and long-lasting for the riders and encourages them to buy this aftermarket product for long rides. 

  • Durable Tires:

As a rider, you will know that not all tires are the same. As this is the only part that is in contact with the ground during riding so taking the right tires makes a huge difference.

Triumph emphasizes this attribute by presenting high-quality tires by enhancing grip which improves braking, steering and increases your overall safety.

The selection of tires depends upon some factors such as the type of bike model, its magnitudes, and how the automobile is used concerning the routes taken daily. 

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  • Powerpack Engine:

Breath-taking performance is delivered due to thrilling six-speed 1200cc engines consuming a low inertia crank and large airbox with ultimate torque.

This engine consists of 8 valves with a parallel-twin engine allowing more charge to enter and burn efficiently to spring vibration-free rides. The smoothness of the ride is underpinned by the reassurance of ABS, traction control, a torque-assist clutch, and three riding modes.

This powerful engine eliminates the jerks during the rides which were experienced previously. 

  • Advanced Fuel Injection System:

With the pinpoint accuracy and instantaneous throttle response of Triumph’s ride-by-wire fuel injection fed by reliable twin accelerator bodies the engine used in this device delivers a massive peak torque.

This torque which is produced by the innovation in the biking system for fuel injection increases the torque by 62% due to that power output increases and makes the machine more effective and efficient. 

  • Boosted Fuel Economy:

At the back of the 1200 cc engine’s exterior an advanced, operative, and well-organized liquid cooling system is designed to minimize its pictorial impact while accomplishing cleaner emissions and enhancing fuel effectiveness.

This process increases the fuel efficiency by 11% than the previous generations. 

  • Stunning Elegance and Sound:

Triumph motorbikes are poetry of modern generations. Their style, elegance is unmatchable. This aftermarket product is designed with a very high level of finishing and itemizing.

The influential 1200cc engine integrates graphic cues from the classic engine while assimilating fashionable components to uphold that reliable look.

Distressed inverse megaphone exhausts are planned to distribute the exciting sound of the British racing twin to match the status and class of this legendary brand. 

  • Price Range:

The price range of Triumph motorbikes starts from $9300 for the street twin to $22000 for the tiger 1200 XCA. Most of the lineup falls in the mid-range of $10000 to $16000 with an average price of just over $14000. This price range puts Triumph in between full-line brands.

Triumph values are viable with other manufacturers.    

Relative Comparison of Harley Davidson and Triumph:

Admirers of anything will split themselves on basis of interests and fascinations. The primary and the most noticeable difference between them is that Harley is an American manufacturer and Triumph is a British manufacturer.

Triumph bids a broader series of motorbikes for its lovers such as sports bikes, street fighters, cruisers, retro while Harley Davidson has two models the cruisers and long-haul tourers.

Ride quality is also an important factor to look into consideration as to when a bike has good ride quality one can ride in comfort. Triumph provides a smooth ride while Harley bikes have vibrations and noises.

Harley Davidson bikes are more traditional and older in style while on the other hand triumph bikes are modern in outlook that is also the reason why they have more variety in articles. Triumph bikes use modern technology such as ABS brakes, digital displays, and heated seats. Figure out the one you want and then go for that.

Considering all the features conversed above both the brands seem to be competent and operative. Both have their value and effectiveness. Now it’s up to your preferences to contemplate whichever thing you consider significant in buying a bike.

If you like modern designs you must go for Triumph but if you like the traditional one you should go for Harley Davidson.

Be vigilant before purchasing any one of these as your money has a worth and it won’t be returned on an incorrect assortment of the bike so keep all these things in mind and make the right choice.


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