Harley Davidson bikes are luxurious and premium. There is no better sight than a Harley cruising on the streets with its magnificent glory and sharp looks.

But just like everything else in this world, Harley bikes also need an upgrade.

You can upgrade the engine of a Harley bike for better speed and performance.

One way to upgrade the bike is to install the Stage 2 Upgrade.

The stage 2 upgrades include a kit that will improve the power and speed of the motorcycle.

Below are all the details about the cost and kits of the Stage 2 upgrade.

What Is the Stage 2 Upgrade?

Harley Davidson offers upgrades for their bikes. These upgrades focus on the engines and cylinders of the bike to improve performance.

Stage 2 is the second stage of the upgrade. The primary focus of the stage 2 upgrade is the camshaft.

The upgraded camshaft is built to increase the airflow. The better airflow enables a better intake of air.

Better-quality intake of air results in faster speed and longer engine life.

The stage 2 upgrade includes the installation of different kits to improve and maximize bike performance.

There are two different kits you can choose from.

1. Power Kit

If you are a fan of high-speed bike rides, the power kit is ideal for you. The power kit has the following components;

  • Adjustable Pushrods
  •  Eagle SE8-462 Cam
  • Cam Cover Gasket
  •  Pushrod Covers

The power kit of the stage 2 upgrade delivers power at three thousand rpm. It also produces 90 rear wheel horsepower.

The kit allows you to accelerate to maximum speed without any damage to the engine or the bike.

2. Torque Kit

The torque kit caters to the on-demand throttle response. If you live in a city that has many slow-moving vehicles on the road, a torque kit is for you.

The torque kit lets you pass slow-speed vehicles without downshifting. Hence, you don’t have to slow down your own bike on the road.

The company has included the following things in the Torque kit:

  • Eagle SE8-447 Cam
  •  Cam Cover Gasket
  •  Adjustable Pushrods
  •  Pushrod Covers

Cost of Stage 2 Upgrade

The stage 2 upgrade costs around 1200 to 1400 dollars. If you don’t have a stage 1 upgrade, it is going to cost more. But if you have a stage 1 upgrade, stage 2 costs only 900 dollars.

Does Stage 2 Upgrade Enhance Performance of the Harley Bike?

The stage 2 upgrade significantly increases the performance of the bikes.

The power kit increases the performance up to 25%. This increase is in the category of the mid to upper RPM range.

The torque kit increases the performance up to 15%.


What Does a Stage 2 Kit Do for a Harley?

The stage 2 kit increases the power and performance of a Harley Davidson bike. It changes the engine and the speed of the motorcycle

How Much Horsepower Does a Stage 2 Kit Add?

The stage 2 kit increases the average horsepower of the engine. In most cases, it will boost the horsepower up to 20-25%.


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