You’re all dressed up for a trip and just when you turn your Harley motorcycle on, it won’t start. Ugh, it must be really exhausting to experience such a situation when you were all ready for an amazing adventure.

And what makes this situation even worse is that you have no clue about the reason for which it has stopped working. What we recommend is; before taking help from any mechanic, give it a try and figure out the issue yourself.

If you can’t find much, check if the battery is functioning properly and get some knowledge. Other than that, this blog lists out all the possible reasons that are disrupting the performance of your Harley motorcycle.

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Common Reasons

Determining the main reason that stopped your Harley motorcycle to start is a big challenge. But, you should not give up until calling a professional mechanic is the last option.

Now let’s help you in figuring out the real cause behind this problem:

1.   Battery Issue

You can never be too sure that the motorcycle battery is all good until you check it thoroughly. Also, simply looking at the bike won’t help you figure it out.

There are few signs that indicate a weak and dead battery. These include dim lighting, hearing a clicking sound when you insert a key, and a short-lives cranker. By simply checking these, you’ll know whether the battery is the problem or not.

2.     Loose Electrical Wire

If you don’t detect any battery issues, and there’s no clunking sound, losing electrical wires may be the reason. It mostly happens when you swap a new battery and it’s not properly wired.

To confirm, you can unplug and then re-plug some connectors and see if it is the problem. This issue isn’t really visible so you need to check it out properly.

3.     Lack of Fuel

Well, this reason may sound stupid but it happens when you’re stuck in multiple things. Before riding, people never check whether their bike has fuel in it or not. This could be a reason why your Harley motorcycle is not starting.

To check it out, you just need to shake your bike back and forth. Another thing to look for is the fuel valve. Make sure it’s positioned ‘ON’ and the carburetor float bowl is filled appropriately.

4.     Clogged Petcock

It is the most common issue that motorcyclists often experience. The petcock is the valve that controls the flow of gas in the reverse settings. It happens due to blockage that leads to flow issues.

For a temporary start, you can just rattle your bike and it will dislodge the blockage. But it is always better to replace the petcock to avoid any future problems.


How do I reset my Harley Davidson security system?

To simply reset your Harley Davidson security system, follow these steps:

  • First, turn off the ignition.
  • Press the odometer reset button.
  • Turn by turn, hold each control signal and press it.
  • Once you’ve pressed the reset button, warning lights and background will appear.
  • Again, press the RESET button, and after adding your new code, you’re all done!
How do you clean injectors on a Harley Davidson?
  • By finding the right size holder, push the injector inside the holder.
  • Connect the power that links with the injector and start cleaning it.
  • Place it on the carb cleaner can and pressurize it.
  • Spray all over its body and remove it to release the pressure.
  • Repeat the process three to four times and the injectors are all clean to be used again.
Does a Harley have to be in neutral to start?

It is not a compulsion. Usually, all US Harleys start in any gear if the clutch lever is also pulled along. If your bike is not starting, check the switch that is placed on the lever and press it.

How do you test a Harley Davidson fuel pump?

Simply turn on the ignition and check if the system comes up to the pressure along with the fuel pump run. And then start the bike to see if it maintains the pressure. This is the easiest way to test a Harley Davidson fuel pump!


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