While riding on a bike, the best way to avoid winter sickness is to add more and more layers to your clothing. It can keep your body warm but what about your hands??

The cold winds may freeze them to the extent of numbness. So, what can you do?

Well, heated grips and heated gloves are two products that can warm your hands like toast. But again, you need to choose one of these two.

In motorcycling controversies, the latest and yet the hottest debate that’s making all the riders anxious is about heated grips vs heated gloves.

Riders want to make an informed decision and they want to know which one is better. So, let’s find out the answer!

Heated Grips

When the temperature is dropped down to zero and you have to cover a long ride, heated grips are the ones that can perfectly comfort your ride.

These are adjustable heated elements that are placed on the handlebars of a motorcycle to warm your palms.

The cold breeze usually numbs your ability to grip the handles of the bike. But these heated grips can balance the temperature of your hands, thus resolving the problem.

Further, they are convenient to use because you can adjust the heating according to your needs. For instance, if you want to keep them at a low temperature, you can simply adjust the voltage of these heated elements and vice versa. So, it’s a great deal!

Heated Gloves

Gloves are already an essential part of motorcycle clothing. But winters make them even more important. They can cover your hands from all harsh weather conditions.

But make sure to buy high-quality gloves that can last long.

Just like heated grips, heated gloves have the same purpose i.e. warming the hands by producing heat. These are insulated and therefore, you’ll feel the warmth on your hands from every side.

Three things that you must check before getting heated gloves are customer rating, durability, and warranty. These precautions can help you in purchasing the right product.

Which is better?

It’s very hard to choose one because both have strong points that counteract each other. But let’s rely on public reviews of these products:

  • Heated grips work well for your palms and they are easy to install on the bike. On the other hand, heated gloves warm both sides of your hands and are flexible to wear.
  • You can purchase heated grips at affordable rates, but heated gloves are quite expensive.
  • While heated grips are attached to the handles of the bike, the gloves are worn on hands. And sometimes, you have to carry them everywhere.
  • It is the battery, controller, and resistor that produces heat in the grips, whereas the heated gloves are warm due to their thick, wool fabric.

So conclusively, both products have separate benefits and limitations. Now it depends on your preferences whether you’ll consider heated grips or heated gloves.


Which is better, heated gloves or heated grips?

Heated gloves are warmer but expensive while heated grips are convenient but affordable. To decide which is better, you can consider weather conditions first. Only then, you’ll enjoy their functions properly.

Are grips worth it?

They are worth it! By keeping your hands warm, heated grips save you from numbness. This is how they can make your riding comfortable.

Do heated handgrips work?

Yes! In the winter season, heated hand grips work well by warming your hands. The hand grips help riders in strongly gripping the handles of the motorcycle, hence making your ride safe.

Are heated gloves worth it?

When your hands are shaking due to the freezing temperature, wearing heated gloves is the best option you can consider. They are no doubt worth it because apart from producing heat, they are quite flexible as well.


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