The multi-disc slipper clutch in a high performance motorcycle like the Yamaha R1 and Yamaha R6 transmits a lot of engine power and torque especially under acceleration. This also produces a lot of heat and even create some heat during deceleration. Therefore creating chances of accidents when the slipper function of the clutch is not active. The proper clutch lever free play is very important to get the maximum performance from the clutch and to help prevent clutch failures. As a result, we have gathered the entire information essential to help you adjust the clutch cable on your Yamaha R6.

Adjustment procedure :

The first and foremost critical thing that you need to check before you hop on to a motor bike is the adjustment of the clutch lever Free Play. Every time before you ride when the engine and the clutch assembly are cold, a good tip is to use your Yamaha Edition key as a go/no-go gauge. Pull the clutch lever in just enough capacity to take up the cable free play clutch lever.

Free play is just about perfect when the top of the key ring portion of the Yamaha key fits snugly into the gap between the edge of the lever and the holder. However, the wider part of the key head will not to set the lever free play. Therefore turn the cable adjuster in or out until the top part of the ignition key just fits snugly into the gap between the edge of the lever and the mount, but the wider part of the key head will not.

 Double check it a few times now finish the rest of your prewrite checks get properly geared up and you are ready to go. It is possible for the clutch lever Free Play to increase as the engine and clutch assembly gets hot, which is normal. The clutch cable quick adjuster allows you to easily adjust Free Play as per your need throughout the day right without any tools.

 Too much free play may not fully disengage the clutch when you pull the clutch lever in ultimately causing the clutch to drag and making it difficult to shift. Now if you adjust the Free Play when the engine is hot there may not be enough free play. When the engine cools down it is very important to check and readjust the Free Play again to make sure that the clutch is in place.

 After the engine completely shuts off even for a short time period of 30 minutes only or so it causes insufficient clutch lever free play and does not allow the clutch to fully engage in the time given. Thus when you release the lever, it indicates that the clutch plates are not fully squeezed together, which will cause the plates to slip.

This increases the heat and clutch wear during normal use as the clutch wears the friction plates become thinner. This will cause the clutch Free Play to decrease and in extreme cases or very abusive use of the clutch. You may lose all the free play during a ride. If this happens, you must safely stop and readjust the Free Play as soon as possible.

Because if you keep riding the motorcycle without enough clutch labor free play clutch plate slippage increases which increases the temperature of the plates even higher. This could result in total clutch failure and even severe engine damage caused by the clutch friction material coming off the plates. This will result in clogging the oil pump system stopping the oil flow to the engine so remember check the clutch lever Free Play each and every time before you head out for a ride when the engine is cold and keep an eye on the free plate during your ride.

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By now, you are not only capable of adjusting your clutch cable on the Yamaha R6 motor bike without any help from the mechanic but also to offer a hand to someone in need. It is necessary to adjust your clutch before you dial in the ride as any malfunction could result in clutch failure and ultimately cause a complicated accident.


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