With around 35,000 motorcycles stolen each year, motorcycle locks have now become more significant than ever. Whenever you are leaving your bike outside, be it in a garage or on the street, make sure that your motorcycle is locked.

To accomplish the mission of keeping your motorcycle safe, you can choose from a variety of locks, based on different factors. These factors include where your bike is parked and how frequently you need to use or move your motorcycle.

When decided, you might wonder if these locks are safe or not? Can they be broken easily?

We have covered all the main aspects. Keep reading to find out more about it.

A steering lock is the simplest way to keep your bike safe as it is generally locked up with the turn of a key. You can lock your handlebars and forks into a fixed position, preventing the bike from being steered.

Putting your steering lock on every time you leave your bike is second nature for most individuals.

However, there are some pointers for using your steering lock:

  • Your steering lock can easily be broken, thus, always use a supplementary security feature to keep your motorcycle secure.
  • Your steering lock pin may get worn after some time, allowing the handlebars to move slightly when the steering lock is engaged. It makes it simpler for thieves to ‘get a good swing’ and break your steering lock. If you find excessive mobility in your steering lock pin, try replacing it.
Can you break a steering wheel lock?

Now, if you can’t open a steering lock, how can you get rid of it? Here is how:

  1. Insert a screwdriver between the steering column’s plastic cover and the steering wheel.
  2. To take the cover off the column, use your hand or a breaker bar as the plastic cover is brittle, it may need to be replaced.
What causes steering to lock up?

You might be confused as to why your steering wheel suddenly locks up when you haven’t done anything to it.

The wheel’s locking is caused by two primary factors.

  1. The first is for the sake of safety. The steering wheel locks every time you switch off the ignition and remove your motorbike key. This function was added to the vehicles by the motorcycle manufacturers to ensure that your motorcycle does not move on its own.
  2. The second goal is to keep your motorcycle from being stolen. Using the hotwire approach, thieves or malicious persons can steal your motorcycle.

Manufacturers include this technology on motorcycles to avoid this. Now that you understand why steering wheels lock, let’s look at how to unlock them without a key.

What do You need To Unlock the Steering Wheel?

There are different techniques to perform this task. You don’t even need an armory of equipment to unlock your car’s steering wheel.

In your toolbox, you’ll find everything you’ll need to figure out such as:

  • Screwdrivers
  • A socket set
  • WD40
How To Unlock a Steering Wheel Without a Key?
1. Try inserting the key

Step 1: Insert the key into the ignition while simultaneously spinning the key and the steering wheel left and right.

Step 2: Check to see if everything is happening at the same time. If the locking is unintentional, this method will undo it with a single click.

Final result: Consequently, both the key and the steering wheel will completely turn.

Note: Make use of regular force. If you see that the movement is greater on that side, as is often the case, try rotating it more to that side. To avoid irreversible damage to the locking mechanism, do not apply any pressure.

2. Try using another key

If the first key doesn’t work, try a different one. It’s possible that the issue is with the key. Perhaps the previous owner of the secondhand vehicle you purchased didn’t take care of it properly.

Try the second key if you have it. It’s possible that it will work. You can also try the spare key if it doesn’t turn straight away. However, it’s possible that newer vehicles won’t come with a backup key.

3. If all else fails, try spraying WD40

If all else fails, WD40 can be sprayed into the ignition slot. If the wheel is locked owing to the solidification of lock numbers, this technique will assist you in unlocking the lock cylinder.

After spraying the WD40 into the ignition slot, try turning the key back and forth. Even if this method succeeds, you may require lock cylinder replacement in the future.


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