If you are looking for ways to get rid of a motorcycle without a title, you are at the right place. If you are an owner of a motorcycle, new or old, and want to get rid of it but don’t have the title to your motorcycle or simply lost it, how can you get rid of it without a title?

What should you know if you are getting rid of a motorcycle without a title? If you are an actual motorcycle owner, you need to prove it when buying or selling. However, if you are wondering about the possibilities of getting rid of a motorcycle without a title, YES, it is possible as well!

There are many things to think about when selling a motorcycle without a title, though, getting rid of it is much easier than that. Let’s look into it closely! So stop right here and scroll down a bit more because we have plenty of ideas for you to get rid of a motorcycle without a title. And, there you go!

How To Get Rid of a Motorcycle If It Has No Title?

Here are some ways! Look into it carefully for how to get rid of a motorcycle with no title:

Junk the Motorcycle:

If you want to get rid of an old motorcycle, junkyards accept motorcycles with no title. It requires a bit of searching because some junkyards do not accept motorcycles without a title.

However, the only requirement to verify ownership will be your previous registration and driver’s license.

The junkyard typically pays off relatively lower than the market value without a title. It pays up to a few hundred dollars only because of the additional paperwork it costs later for the junkyards to legalize the motorcycle. So a quick reminder here: unless a motorcycle is irreparable, do not junk it!

Sell to Track Riders

If you can look for track riders, it’s better to sell your bike to them rather than junk it. If you know or live closer to track riders, it is preferable to give away your motorcycle because they need the components.

Turn It to Art

If you are looking for an excellent creative way to get rid of a motorcycle without a title, it’s a great idea to turn it into a piece of art! Look for a professional artist nearby to help you turn your motorcycle into art!

Get in Touch with a Vintage Club

If your motorbike is older, search the web for either Vintage Motorcycle Club or Antique Motorcycle Club.

If your motorbike is old enough, it is preferable to look out for an Antique Motorcycle Club. Giving a Vintage Club a chance to transform your bike for a vintage restoration is good rather than scraping it off!

Dump the Motorcycle

When it comes to getting rid of a motorcycle with VIN, it is best to get rid of the part(s) first that contains the VIN and later dump the motorbike somewhere that has no CCTV cameras.

Trade Out of State

You can trade out of state your motorcycle to fund a bike project. You can look up to any state of your choice but remember to trade out in a state with less stringent laws on the titling of vehicles.

Bottom Line:

Now, you can look for any preferable platform to get rid of your motorcycle without a title.

However, if you want to sell your motorbike, you can switch the VIN of your untitled motorcycle by selling it to an underground company that buys your motorcycle, gives it a title, legalizes it and then resells your motorcycle to you for around $70 to $100.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get rid of my motorcycle?

There is a big market for all used or old motorcycles that buy motorbikes without a title. However, you can also look for other ways like donating to a fund or scrapping the parts to get rid of your motorcycle.

Is it illegal to sell a motorcycle without a title in Texas?

In Texas, it is illegal to sell a motorcycle without a title. The government considered it as dodging taxes and selling multiple bikes without a license. Charges are applied to the buyer of such motorcycles.

Why do so many motorcycles not have a title?

Usually, many older bikes do not have titles because owners might lose their titles or documents over time.

How do I sell a motorcycle without a title in California?

For a motorcycle that has no title, California law states that the owner needs to go to the local DMV and report that the title has been lost/stolen for its renewal.


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