Do you know what’s really annoying? Your Kawasaki Ninja keys vanishing into thin air right when you need to go for a ride. We have all been there and it is absolutely frustrating, to say the least but this does not mean that you have to postpone your adventure or journey. Let us tell you that this is not a guide to stealing someone’s motorcycle, this method is not only reserved for motorcycle thieves but riders who have a habit of misplacing their keys or lose them altogether. 

Every rider must know how to start their motorcycle without any keys and be aware of the ins and outs of their ride. Just keep on reading to know how to start your Kawasaki Ninja without a key!

Step 1: Find the wires

To make your motorcycle engine come to life, you need ignition and ignition doesn’t just happen magically, you need your ignition wires to get your motorcycle engine running. Depending upon your motorcycle model, the ignition wires are enclosed in a protective covering to either make the motorcycle look more appealing or protect it from damage.

For motorcycles that do not come with a protective covering for the ignition wires, it is much easier to locate them. The ignition wire connects the engine to the other essential parts of the motorcycle which get the wheels going. After successfully locating the ignition wire, it is time to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Locate the socket and detach its two parts

While you are on your way to finding the wires, you have to find three wires which are bundled together in a covering. Use your handlebar to make sure you can locate them. The purpose of these bundled wires is to connect important motorcycle parts with the motorcycle’s ignition. Without these wires, power cannot be directed from the engine to the other parts. 

To make sure you have identified the right bundled wires, make sure to choose the cap that is directly attached to the bike’s ignition. Once you have located the cap, the required wires will be popping out from the opposite end of the cap. Make sure you do this step correctly, otherwise you may end up picking the wrong cap and the wrong set of wires. 

On the Kawasaki Ninja, you are going to find two caps, one of which comes out of the caps and the second one is directly connected to the motorcycle’s handlebars. It is crucial to separate the two caps to locate the socket. The socket is going to help in the next step.

Step 3: Get the speaker wire and insert it into the socket

This is the most important step in the whole process. The speaker wires are going to help us in getting the motorcycle started. With the speaker wires, we are going to start the engine. As mentioned in the previous step, for this method to work, you need to separate the two caps to get access to the sockets. After getting access to the socket, the speaker wires are inserted inside the socket.

After you have inserted the speaker wires inside the socket, pull out the cap that you previously separated to give yourself more room to work. After removing the cap, insert one end of the speaker wire through the first socket and the other end of the wire through the second socket.

To make it easier, longer wires are preferred to make sure they are not too short. Ideally, the wires should not be shorter than 3 inches otherwise we cannot perform the procedure.

After inserting both ends of the speaker wires into the respective sockets, the lights of the motorcycle will turn on, if this is not the case try switching the wires between the two sockets. After the lights turn on, we will move on to our next and final step.

Step 4: Press the bikes ignition button

After the lights of the Kawasaki Ninja turn on, press the engine start button. Once you press the button, the engine will start running and you are good to go!

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We hope our easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide has given you some clarity as to how you can start your Kawasaki Ninja in a matter of minutes if done correctly. However, be aware that this is not a permanent solution, if you have forgotten your keys somewhere, search for them, or in case if you have lost them, get professional help. Use this method in case you are stuck somewhere you cannot get help quickly.


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