You will find numerous people debating on the topic whether an Indian motor bike is a good choice or a Harley Davidson motor bike is much more reliable. However, if we are being honest this question, Indian VS Harley Reliability itself is quite a tough one. As you will have to compare a lot of factors when you are about to compare two motor bike brands. This consists of various factors such as the brand image, the quality of their products, their durability and last but not the least the pricing value of each of the product besides the personal preferences one might have associated with the product. So let us discuss both of these motor bike brands one by one and cover their aspects.

Harley Davidson motor bikes :

Although when it comes to motor bike brands, you will find majority of people opting for the Harley Davidson motor bikes. Considering the brand reputation and the quality of their products, you might also agree with their choice. Nevertheless, the aspects that people find the most attracted to are discussed as following: 

Quality of the product :

If there is one thing that you can say is the best about Harley Davidson motor bikes without any doubt, it is the quality of their products. Starting from their classic motor bike models to the very special advanced parts you can find in the market, which not help improve the performance of your motor bike but also makes them much more appealing. 

Long term reliability :

Many people face numerous accidents and daily incontinences because of their transportation. Same is the case if you have a poor quality motor bike or if you have been ignoring the issues, your motor bike has been displaying. Every rider has reported such problem they came across once in a while.

But if you have a Harley Davidson motor bike, you would not need to worry about any such things. The products used in their motor bikes are not only up to the standards but will also stand the test of time as your ride on the motor bike through the altering seasons and road qualities.

Various parts available in the market :

One of the many best things that the people find admirable about the Harley Davidson brand, is the fact that you will find numerous accessory parts available in the market. Whether you want a turbo charger or a brand new filter, you just need to name the model or your personal preferences. 

Even after a long duration of 10 to 15 years, you will still be able to find the respective parts compatible to your motor bike in the market. In addition, you will always have a window for upgrading and improving the performance of your motor bike by adding such appliances to it.

Indian motor bikes :

Indian motor bikes are widely famous in the Asian subcontinent and are the perfect choice depending on the external conditions and the regional factors associated with them. However they are not globally identified as the best motor bike brand, here are some of the valid reasons behind it.

Engine issues :

Although Indian motor bikes perform really well on the tracks such as highway and trails just like the Harley Davidson motor bikes. Nevertheless, if you are planning on going on a long journey, then you might check the engine and exhausts before you hop on your Indian motor bike.

As various riders have reported that, the Indian motor bike tends to have an amazing exhaust sound and speed. But after riding in such a warm climate it not only gets heated up quickly but it also kicks in the wires, eventually ending up making the engine run out of its capacity earlier. 

Low quality paint :

Another thing the customers tend to complain about the Indian motor bikes is the fact that the brand spends really less amount on the physical appearance of the motor bikes. Thus, making the motor bike appear cheap and old in a small duration of time. You will start noticing how the paints starts to peel off and the pipes start to show signs of rusting and giving your motor bike an old look in an early stage. 

Not the best option when it comes to long term :

You might want to go through the options available in the market before you decide to buy an Indian motor bike. Even though an Indian motor bike might perform well but it is not the ideal option if you are considering it for a long haul. You might start noticing the drawbacks soon and will regret buying it later on.

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To conclude, it is safe to say that when comparing the motor bikes from Indian and Harley Davidson brand, the latter one is a better choice. With all the information provided, we hope you will be able to make the right choice depending on your personal preference. 


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