Starting your bike riding journey could be a bit tricky if you don’t know what to ride and how to ride.

Heavy engines and their sound might fascinate you and out of curiosity, you want to ride them. But the problem is you do not know what would suit you. Following are the features of a good starter bike.

Prerequisites for a bike ride

Before you start riding a sportbike or any bike, you must be well equipped with the prerequisites. You must have a license or learner at least, then you should have riding gear, helmet, gloves, etc. to keep yourself protected.

As a beginner, you should have a minimum experience of around six months before you go riding a heavy engine like 600cc.

Moreover, choosing a bike to start your biking journey could be very confusing for some. You must start with the comparatively low-weight bike and low-performance engine which is around 400cc. You can then slowly and gradually make your way up as you get more time to it

Specs of a 600cc bike

  • Any 600cc bike will have a minimum speed of around 125mph and the maximum speed is around 160mph. Fee 600cc could also go up to 175mph. It all seems very interesting and fun to start with a 600cc bike but managing this much speed is no cake and your control would be tasted.
  • The weight of a 600 cc bike is around 410 pounds The lightest among 600 cc bikes is Yamaha R6 which weighs around 190 kg. The heavy engine and massive weight disqualify any 600cc bikes for beginners to start learning on.
  • For a beginner 600cc bike can be good, unless its engine is capable of high-performance but this is very unlikely. Engine displacement does not determine the performance but you can identify the sound of the engine it produces.

Even after all that analysis Deciding what bike to ride as a beginner is a very subjective task.

You have a value in your mind that you want from your purchase and if you are getting that, you need nothing else.

To sum it all up, you must have a few things checked before riding any bike and that are:

  1. License
  2. Minimum of 6 months of experience
  3. Your helmet and glob along with the safety suit before riding a sportbike

Be smart with your investment

You should also be smart with your investment as a beginner. You should not invest too much on a bike that you know nothing about but speed and specs and lack experience from the word go.

Keep in mind that a 600cc cost starts at around 10K Us dollars. As a beginner, you must take all aspects into consideration before buying a heavy 600cc sportbike.

Instead of wasting your money blindly on this sort of heavy bike. Take time to build experience and overtime practice.

Keeping one step at a time and progressing day by day developing the skill of bike riding and then investing as much as you can and want on your dream sports heavy bike.


Is an R6 a good beginner bike?

R6 is not the best option if you are a beginner because of many reasons. R6. Is specifically designed for on-track racing and is not recommended for beginners.

A superpowered racing engine and a high price disqualify it for beginners because they lack experience. Its heavyweight also makes it hard for the inexperienced biker to control

What is the best 600cc bike for beginners?

The best 600cc bikes are the following:

1. Yamaha YZF -R6

2. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-6R

3. Honda CBR600RR.     

For the beginner, it is always recommended to start with a normal power engine of around 200-400cc and move his way up to 600cc in a minimum of 6 -8 months of experience

At what age can you ride a 600cc motorcycle?

As per the law before you ride a sportbike or any bike for instance you should have a license. Riding a heavy 600 cc bike requires experience and control in bike riding.

It is generally recommended that you at least have one year of experience of riding a low-power engine before you ride the big ones.


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