Choosing your first motorcycle is a very challenging task, especially when you have been a fan of a certain brand. Buying a Harley Davidson is a bucket list goal for many motorcycle fanatics. However, riding a motorbike comes with more than just looks.

Harley Davidson is a motorcycle manufacturing company founded in 1903 and is based in the United States. The brand was one of the 3 major American motorcycle manufacturing companies which successfully survived the Great Depression.

The company is known for its impeccable customized style that also brought the “chopper motorcycle” design into the limelight. Some of its notable numbers are the Street 500 (500cc), the Street 750, the SuperLow, the Iron 883 that are recommended for the consumers buying their first Harley Davidson motorcycles.

To ease your mental dissonance regarding whether buying a Harley Davidson will be worthwhile for your beginning biking experience, we are going to present some pros and cons of buying a Harley-Davidson.


  • Build Quality

Usually, sports bikes have their builds made of plastic to help achieve the great speed that takes them farther in the races. Even though they make the bike faster, a plastic build makes the bike very vulnerable and volatile.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles, however, have a steel build that makes them very durable. The engine of the bikes is also of a heavier material. And that is also the reason why these bikes are made for long-term travels and not races based on high speed.

  • Comfort

Harley Davidson motorcycles come with very comfortable operating designs as well as seats. The material of the seats guarantees a long period of sitting time and accommodates a wider range of body shapes.

The seats also support various weights and can be extremely durable for a longer time if maintained. There are also no major concerns regarding the décor of the motorcycles and the aerodynamics.

The bikes also have comfortable passenger seats making them a favorite for long drive dates and hangouts.

  • Community

There is a tradition with Harley Davidson motorcycles that is like no other motorcycle brand. People that ride Harley Davidson motorcycles do more than just ride, they are passionate about their bike.

They talk about the freedom and adventures they enjoy while riding their Harley. They ride for causes like Breast Cancer Research and raising money for Veterans and supporting numerous charitable organizations.

They join HOG Chapters and connect monthly with other riders to promote riding safety, talk about scenic rides, encourage, and support each other. Owning and riding a Harley is about community, friendship and being a part of something worthwhile

  • Customization

Most Harley owners like to customize their ride to make it somewhat unique or “special” to them. Harley Davidson makes that possible by offering thousands of options and add-ons.

Harley Davidson provides customization of various parts of the bike like the backrests, exhausts, mirrors, and air filters.


  • Cost

Harley Davidson is one of the most expensive motorcycles in the world and its parts are extremely expensive if you don’t live in the US. The prices for a Harley Davidson number range from just below $7000 for the Street 500 (500 cc) to a whopping bank heavy price of $44,000 for the CVO touring limited edition model.

In 2019, Harley Davidson was the second most expensive motorcycle company with an average price of $20,800.

  • Maintenance

The motorcycle is a very high maintenance number and requires extra care from your wallet if you are living outside the United States. This is because of the detailed and extensive design of the engine that requires specific maintenance items.

Most of the maintenance items are expensive in the U.S. itself and become more expensive for people outside the U.S. due to dollar fluctuation.

  • Features

For its price range, the motorcycles from Harley Davidson do not come with a lot of features. The motorcycles lack features like traction control, making it harder for people to ride them in rainy weather especially on bumpy roads.

The bikes also lack other features like Electronic Brakeforce Distribution System (EBD) and LED lights. The company does, however, offer these features as add-ons but for an additional price, most people are not willing to pay.

  • Heating Issue

Coming with a heavy and big engine, the Harley Davidson motorcycles have a HUGE heating problem that can lead to serious hazards if the bike is ridden in areas with higher temperature or if it is ridden at extremely high speeds for a long time. The heating can give you a tan without going out in the sun, or a chemical burn as well.

How do these factors affect beginners?

Being a beginner in biking comes with factors that can make the pros and cons very relatives. Motorcycles from Harley Davidson can be very comfortable for beginners but they can cause many safety and economic concerns.

Statistics show that new bikers are bound to drop their bikes at least once in the starting 6-7 months of practice. Dropping a Harley Davidson once can depreciate its price by $6000-$7000, which makes buying Harley Davidson, a heavy burden on your bank.

Buying a Harley Davidson will provide you with a sense of community with a lot of owners providing you guidance and even helping you out with learning tips and tricks of riding a  beginner should know. They might even let you know how they deal with the major heating issue of the motorcycle.

However, motorcycles from Harley Davidson might not be the right choice for you to invest in if your ultimate goal is to buy another bike model. This is because the bike itself is very expensive and is prone to drastic fall in its resale value due to minor accidents that come at the start of a biker’s journey.

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I hope our pros and cons made it easier for you to decide whether a Harley Davidson is the right choice for you or not. We hope to see you enjoying your travels on whichever bike you decide to buy. We even would be in the bleachers rooting for you if you join a HOG event. All that matters is that you enjoy the ride.


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