Harley Davidson has been an icon in motorcycle manufacturing for the past many decades.

This is not only a motorcycle-making business but also cares for its customers to its utmost extent. Whether it’s an around the corner ride or a trip across the countryside, Harley has it all covered for you!

For this purpose, it has devised an extended service plan to cater to the needs of its customers all along.

Let’s go through it together.

What is an Extended Service Plan?

An extended service plan is a type of extended warranty. It is designed specially to cover the cost of all the repairs when the manufacturer’s warranty card expires.

It is an additional contract offered by the dealership and third parties.

Harley’s Service Plan

A normal manufacturer’s warranty for Harley motorcycles is 2 years.

This means for two years no matter how many miles you run your motorcycle, you would still be under warranty. And all the cost of repairs would be out of the factory’s pocket.

It covers all the costs except natural wear and tear parts like tiers, paint chips, and brake pads.

Harley’s Extended Service Plan

Harley Extended Service is an additional added warranty that adds 5 more years to your warranty, making it a total of 7 years of coverage by the factory.

What does the Extended Service Plan include?

This extended service plan includes

1.   Mechanical Breakdown Coverage

Mechanical breakdown coverage is the complete comprehensive care of up to 1100 parts repairs that include engine, carburetor, forks, fuel injection, transmission, speedometer, starter, and many other electrical parts.

2.   Expense reimbursement package

This package provides coverage for all the claims of rental vehicles, towing charges, pickups, and lodgings. It also provides meals if you are away from home.

4.   Contract transfer

This is one reason why Harley is loved by people so much.

When you sell your motorcycle before the completion of the warranty, you can easily transfer the remaining warranty to the buyer. This increases the resale prices too.

All you have to do is fill out an ESP transfer request form with the signatures of both buyer and seller. Pay the transfer fee and email it to the factory.

4.   Other services

Other services in the extended service plan include

  • Reduces unexpected repair costs
  • Optional tire and wheel coverage
  • Stand-alone tire and wheel coverage
  • Nationwide repair location assistance

This comprehensive service plan allows you to ride tension-free anywhere, anytime!

Cost of Extended Service Plan

The 7 years unlimited plan cost around $2895. With a $50 deductible on every visit.

This may vary according to the model, spec, location, usage, and sale date.

Pros and Cons of Extended Service Plan

Everything comes with pros and cons. Let’s go through the good and bad aspects of this plan in the table below.

Warranty is transferableRepairs can only be done at an H-D authorized dealership store.
It covers more than 1100 partsNo roadside assistance
It includes travel reimbursement$50 is deductible on each visit for covered repairs
 Extended service should be brought before the factory warranty expires


An extended Service Plan may seem like a hassle but it is worth the money. A motorcycle requires more frequent maintenance so to avoid every time payments this is the best alternative. 


Can I cancel the Harley Extended warranty?

Harley Extended warranty can be canceled anytime with a full refund of the unused portion.

What voids a Harley Extended warranty?

This policy can be voided if you or a third party add other performance parts to the motorcycle that are not related to the model itself.

Does the Harley Extended Warranty cover the battery?

No. Batteries are not covered under an extended warranty. Harley can only cover a battery for up to 12 months of purchase.


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