Since 2017, Honda has produced the Honda CB300R, a 286 cc (17.5 cu in) single-cylinder standard/naked bike in the CB family. The CB300R made its premiere at the 2017 EICMA, and it launched on sale in Europe, Asia, and the United States in 2017. It’s part of Honda’s Neo Sports Café’s range of motorcycles. In a very competitive market area, the Honda CB300R made its debut. The CB300R is equally accessible to beginners as it is to more experienced riders, due to its contemporary style, lightweight, low seat, and appealing power.

The CB300R is a fresh, contemporary take on the modern street bike, taking aesthetic ideas from our CB1000R. It’s also fun to ride thanks to its lightweight and upright position. The CB has the same round LED headlight, chiseled tank design, radiator shrouds, muffler style, and tapered café-racer tail as last year’s neo-classic CB1000R. It’s a sharp-looking bike that bridges the gap between the past and the future, and the fit and finish are superb. The most visible difference between the 2018 CB300F and the 2021 CB300R, aside from looks, is the riding position. The seat is 31.5 inches off the deck, which is 0.8 inches higher than before. The wider, tapered aluminum handlebar feels lower and closer to the seat at the same time.

Honda CB300R Touring Features

The 286cc DOHC four-valve, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine of the CB300R is a gem with a free-revving, responsive nature. In real-world road-riding situations, the engine performs admirably, offering ample power both in town and on the highway.

The CB300R’s engine features a low-resistance intake and exhaust system, resulting in a more linear throttle response.

With a compression ratio of 10.7:1, the bore and stroke are 76 x 63mm. With a 38mm throttle bore and a streamlined, straight-shot intake path, PGM-FI fuel injection produces snappy throttle response across the rpm range.

The dual-chamber design of the CB300R underslung exhaust has an outlet on the right side. The high-flow architecture contributes to the throttle response being ultra-linear.

The 41mm inverted fork on the CB300R provides a smooth ride with compliant damping. For a bike of this size, the soft spring rate is ideal.

The 2021 CB300R’s user-friendly 317-pound curb weight, which is nearly 30 pounds lower than our previous CB300F model, meaning this bike handles smoothly and is easy to balance at stoplights or in parking lots.

The steel swingarm is designed to give high longitudinal rigidity and regulate torsion without being harsh or heavy, in addition to the CB300R’s chassis. This means you get a confident feeling and feedback, particularly when cornering.


The engine on the CB300R is designed to have as few moving components as possible. Low-friction piston rings, a high-density core radiator, and an iridium spark plug all contribute to improved fuel efficiency. The lightweight, full-function LCD of the CB300R gives it a premium feel. It’s 60% thinner than prior models and provides engine rpm, speed, and fuel level readouts. To give maximum stopping power, the CB300R’s radial-mount four-piston Nissin front brake caliper clamps down on a 296mm floating disc. Despite having an all-LED lighting package, the CB300R retains the classic round headlight lens.


The CB300R has a balanced front/rear weight bias of 49.6/50.4. That means you’re ready for unrivalled sport riding, with rear-wheel traction, front-end grip, and well-distributed braking forces.

In a sportbike, the sprung weight tires, wheels, and brakes are critical. The lightweight aluminum wheels on the CB300R are an important aspect of the bike’s responsive handling.

The goal of a Neo-Sports Café machine is to achieve the ideal balance of handling, power, and athletic comfort. The CB300R’s outstanding handling starts with a superior chassis, which is why it has a unique frame design that is both light and sturdy.

The Anti-Lock Braking System (standard on the 2021 CB300R) can be a significant aid when it comes to coming to a controlled stop in less-than-ideal situations, like as on wet pavement or other compromised surfaces.

The CB300R engine is a smooth runner thanks to its counterbalance. You get the benefits of a single-cylinder bike’s compact overall width and power, as well as the smoothness of a multi-cylinder cycle.

A premium tapered handlebar is used on the CB300R. It measures 28.6mm in the center where it clamps to the Triple Crown and tapers to 22.2mm at the ends under the grips. The greater clamping area provides a direct connection to the bike as well as a better steering sensation.

 Tourist Reviews

            “I have to admit, after riding this bike for almost 300 kilometers in two days, it is quite comfy. I expected the bike to be a little stiffer than needed, resulting in severe butt pain, but that was not the case. The seat is large, and while you won’t be able to adjust yourself as frequently as many other riders, the spacious seat and soft seat make for a nice ride.”

By Viraat

            The CB300R can be a much better product with better tires and more engine refinement, and the next generation will undoubtedly address all of these issues. But, until then, if you’re searching for a motorcycle that looks amazing, is comfortable for every day and extended use isn’t scary but still fun to ride, the CB300R is a great choice.

By Abhilasha Singh

            The CB300R is highly flick-able, good in the corners, and has enough power for most circumstances; however, I wouldn’t want to ride it on the highway for too long! I wouldn’t use the CB300R for touring, but it’s ideal for day trips.

By Tony A

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The CB300R is powered by the same engine that powers the CBR300R sportbike, and it delivers a fun little 30.1 horsepower and 20.2 pounds of torque, as well as a 71-mpg consumption rating that will give the 2.7-gallon fuel tank some lengthy legs. The Honda CB300R is certainly innovative in terms of design, and it also provides a very comfortable ride. It should be a fantastic daily commuter with the potential to travel larger distances, when necessary, while also promising to keep the trip enjoyable whether in the city or on the road.

We hope that you found the article interesting and informative and it helps you decide if you should prefer Honda CB300R for touring or not.


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