Mounting and dismounting your motorcycle is a necessary skill that, with practice, becomes almost second nature.

There are several methods for getting on and off the bike, but some are preferable than others (depending on your situation).

In this article, I’ll go through some of the most popular and safe bike mounting and dismounting techniques.

By the conclusion of this article, you will also understand how to securely get on and off your motorcycle. So, let’s get started!

When mounting a motorcycle, what is the key phrase to remember?

The key phrase is:

☑️ Front Brake

☑️ Head Check

☑️ Side Stand

What is the proper way to mount a motorcycle?

The first is: to make sure the bike is secure before mounting it. A motorcycle on its side or center stand should be left in gear so that it does not fall off. It should also be on sturdy, somewhat flat terrain.

If not, the bike should be positioned upward and leaning slightly.

Approach the bike from the curbside to mount it.

That is, in countries where you ride on the left, you ride from the left, and in countries where you ride on the right, you ride from the right. This keeps you out of traffic.

Place your right hand on the front brake to prevent the bike from rolling away as you begin to mount. Then take hold of the left grip and straighten the bars.

Never mount a motorcycle by standing on the footpegs. When approaching from the left, the side stand is under too much strain and weight.

If you do this regularly, the side stand may flex or possibly shatter. When you mount from the right, you take the weight off the side stand, which might cause the bike to go over.

Instead, brace yourself with one leg while throwing your other leg over the seat. Place your right foot on the footpeg if ascending from the left.

Do not attempt to place it on the ground since this may lead you to overbalance and crash the motorcycle on its right side.

The 6 posture points when sitting on a motorcycle

Following is the list of 6 posture points: 

  1. Feet
  2. Knees
  3. Seat
  4. Arms and hands
  5. Back and shoulders
  6. Hips

Should the motorcycle be upright with the handlebars straight when using the front brake?

Sit on the motorcycle and straighten the handlebars while maintaining control of the front brake. Position the motorcycle upright; lift the side stand to the up position with your left foot (if the stand is on the left side), and ensure the stand is fully up.

How do you dismount a motorcycle?

Apply the front brake before dismounting the motorcycle to keep it from rolling.

Always dismount away from the road and to the left of the motorbike, just as you did while mounting.

Balancing your motorcycle

Now that you’re comfortable mounting and dismounting your motorcycle, you’ll need to push, or ‘wheel,’ it on occasionally.

This may be walking along a footpath to reach a road. Practice riding your motorcycle in a straight path, then to the left and right, and finally in circles.

Maintain a small lean towards yourself on your motorcycle for optimal control and balance, while maintaining your right hand on the front brake to regulate speed.

These simple precautions will prevent you from not just shamefully dropping your motorcycle, but also from breaching any of the archaic rules about sitting on your motorcycle, using the footpegs, and keeping at least one hand on the handlebar. That is.


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