In the world of motorcycles, there are so many brands out there vying for your attention that it can feel like sensory overload. If you’re a diehard motorcycle enthusiast, we bet you’ve wondered about the difference between these various brands.

To help out, we scoured (searched) the internet to provide you with some information on as many motorcycle brands as possible in one place. This will give you an idea of what they have to offer and what makes each brand unique.

Indian Motorcycles

Indian Motorcycles (est. 1901) is based right here in America (USA). They were bought by Polaris Industries in 2011 after filing for bankruptcy protection but since then, Indian has bounced back to be one of the most recognized brands in motorcycling.


Laverda (est. 1968) is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles and scooters. It was founded by brothers Joe, Bruno, and Eddie Lavetta who used their initials to name the company. Their logo is a stylized bluebird with wings spread wide which is on every motorcycle they produce.


Bimota (est. 1973) has its roots in building custom bikes for racers. The first Bimota model was manufactured in 1985 but two years later, suffered financial difficulties that led them into bankruptcy protection until 2002 when they were purchased by Bianchi who also owned Moto Guzzi. Still headquartered in Rimini, Italy, Bimota now focuses on limited production models.

Confederate Motorcycles

Confederate Motorcycles (est. 1991) was founded by American industrialist and designer Matt Chambers. They produce around 1,000 bikes per year which cost as much as $60,000 each and are mostly sold in the US and UK. The company produces a variety of motorcycle styles from Cafe Racers to Trackers.  The name comes from an anonymous group of men who commissioned Confederate Air Force founder Gene Hamrick to build a racecar that could travel 200 mph at Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah during the fall of 1956. Unsatisfied with his design, they brought in fabricator Robert E. “Red” Jones who delivered a working car after only 40 days.


Ducati (est. 1926) is an Italian manufacturer of motorcycles and sport bikes based in Bologna. Owned for most of its history by the Italian government, it was sold to Investindustrial Holdings in 2006, then purchased by Audi AG in 2012 which became Audi Motorrad.

MV Agusta

MV Agusta (est. 1945) also has its roots as a racecar constructor like Lamborghini. It was founded by Count Giovanni Agusta who owned his own airplane factory with subcontracted work from Fiat until the 1930s when he began designing his own bikes which were powered by supercharged (forced air induction) Fiat engines. After WWII their focus turned to make quality motorcycles. They were the first motorcycle manufacturer to produce a transverse straight-three engine.

Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield (est. 1893) is based in India and has made a name for itself by producing classic-looking bikes with modern technology. The most recent model from this company, the Continental GT, incorporates an aluminum chassis, fuel injection system with electronic ignition, twin front brake discs with dual-channel ABS, self-adjusting hydraulic clutch, and optional anti-lock brakes which really sets it apart from their competition.

Polaris Industries

Polaris Industries (est. 2003) is an American publicly owned company that produces snowmobiles, ATVs, and UTVs as well as motor homes but they’re probably best known for their Victory Motorcycles brand which was founded in 1998 under the name Victory Performance Manufacturing.

Morgan Motor Company

Morgan Motor Company (est. 1909) is a British motor vehicle manufacturer dedicated to building traditional sports cars with modern engineering and styling. The company also manufactures motorcycles with their first model designed in 1959. They only build about 100 vehicles each year so you’ll probably need to wait for several years before one becomes available but they can sell out very quickly due to high demand.

Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles (est. 1998) is a division of Polaris Industries that was founded just before the turn of the 20th century with their first model being introduced in 2001. By 2011 they were selling more bikes than Harley Davidson which caused them to become one of America’s top motorcycle brands. And unlike most other major motorcycle manufacturers, they survived the great recession without filing for bankruptcy once.

Bodhi Performance

Bodhi Performance (est. 2006) is an American company that specializes in repairing and restoring all makes and models of motorcycles as well as offering custom motorcycles that are very expensive. Their motto is “If the best were cheap, everyone would own one” so it seems like they know what they’re doing.

Ecosse Moto Works

Ecosse Moto Works (est. 1992) is an American boutique custom motorcycle manufacturer that has made a name for itself by designing some of the best-looking motorcycles on the market. The Moto Works X Carbon Fiber Edition is one of our favorites as it really shows off their engineering and design skills as it looks as if it began as a sketch on a napkin.

Mash Motorcycles

Mash Motorcycles (est. 2008) was founded by two Chinese entrepreneurs, Ben and Eric Cho who run the company with their friend Helge Seetzen, who lives in Germany and has been working with motorcycles since he was 14 years old. They currently offer 5 different models each designed to excel at what they’re especially good at top speed, handling, mileage, or style.

Arch Motorcycles

Arch Motorcycles (est. 2011) is an American motorcycle manufacturer that is primarily sold in Japan and the US as they don’t have very much worldwide appeal due to their lack of history. They currently sell three different models which are based on the popular Icon 1000 designs but with newly developed components including a new engine design, transmission, suspension system, and more.


Yamaha Motor Company (est. 1955) is a Japanese multinational corporation that specializes in manufacturing motorcycles, marine products such as boats and outboard motors, vehicles, heavy equipment, electronic products like generators and personal watercraft , home appliances, and power tools. Their current lineup includes everything from gas mowers to high-performance sport motorcycles so there’s something for everyone there.


 Piaggio (est. 1884) is an Italian manufacturer known for making innovative and creative scooters that keep up with the latest trends. Their Vespa series was immensely popular in the 50’s and 60’s which became a fashion statement as well as a mode of transport so they know how to please their customers. They currently offer more than 150 different models each designed for maximum convenience, comfort, and performance whether you need to commute to work or travel on some winding country roads.

Aeon Motorcycles

Aeon Motorcycles (est. 2013) creates electric motorcycles that are stylish, efficient, and fun to ride especially combined with the fact that they’re environmentally friendly . have recently announced plans to release several new models later this year so they’re definitely a company to watch out for in the next few years.

Excelsior Motor Company

Excelsior Motor Company (est. 1905) is an American motorcycle manufacturer that has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century when they were known as Hendee Manufacturing Company . They still manufacture motorcycles today but they also sell spare parts, apparel and offer restoration services to keep old bikes on the road.

KZ Motorcycles

KZ Motorcycles (est. 2012) is a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer that produces cheap sport motorcycles which are rising in popularity due to their affordability and relatively high-quality components. Their customer service isn’t very well received by customers who have been dissatisfied with their warranty services when something goes wrong with their bike.

Bajaj Auto

Bajaj Auto (est. 1942) is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer that has found great success in the country due to its extensive range of practical, fuel-efficient bikes. They currently offer 74 different models all designed to keep you mobile whether you need to commute to work or go on a fun weekend ride with friends.


Haojue (est. 1978) is a Chinese company that focuses primarily on manufacturing motorcycles but they also sell bicycles, electric bikes, mopeds, and other products like watches, electronics, and power tools. Their quality could be better as they often receive complaints related to faulty transmissions or electric problems within 6 months of purchase.


Maxon (est. 1927) is an American motorcycle manufacturer that focuses on producing powerful, aggressive-looking motorcycles that are designed for maximum performance. They’ve only released one model so they’re still relatively new but they seem to know what they’re doing when it comes to building bikes.

Vento Motorcycles

Vento Motorcycles (est. 1988) is a Chinese company that has historically focused on manufacturing scooters but they also sell small-displacement motorcycles and dirt bikes in countries in South East Asia. They produce enough models to keep most people busy with over 100 variants available but unfortunately, their quality is poor which tarnishes their reputation in the eyes of many consumers.


EMU (est. 1873) is an Indian manufacturer that sells motorized two-wheelers like street motorcycles, scooters, and dirt bikes. They offer an extensive range of products that are very competitively priced so there’s something for everyone within their product line even though they haven’t released any new models since 2013.

TVS Motor Company

TVS Motor Company (est. 1948) is an Indian company that manufactures motorcycles, scooters , mopeds and auto rickshaws . Their customers can choose from over 30 different models including street motorcycles , dirt bikes, scooters, mopeds and even three wheelers . They are known for producing inexpensive small-displacement motorcycles which are ideal for city commuting but they also offer a few larger displacements if you’re looking to use your bike for more than just getting around town.

BSA Motors Limited

BSA Motors Limited (est. 1939) was an English motorcycle manufacturer in the 20th century whose name was resurrected by a brand new company in 2012 only the shared name as its connection with the original company. They currently sell a small number of classic-looking motorcycles with names like Royal Star, Thunderbird, and Spitfire but there are plans to release more models in the near future.

Mysore Automobile Products Limited

Mysore Automobile Products Limited (est. 1996) is an Indian manufacturer that focuses on producing traditional looking mopeds, maxi scooters and three wheel scooters for daily commuting . Their products are outdated when compared to other companies available today but they’re very inexpensive which might be what you’re looking for if you just need something cheap to get around town.


Vectrix (est. 1999) is an American manufacturer of electric-powered two-wheeled vehicles whose innovative designs allow them to perform well in various conditions. Although their vehicles are expensive when compared to other electric motorcycles, they can travel at speeds of up to 70mph and have a range of 60-90 miles on a single charge depending on the model you choose.


YObykes (est. 2002) is an Indian company that sells small-displacement electric motorbikes with a focus on environmental friendliness. They have great customer service ratings but there’s very little information available about what sorts of features these bikes actually have. It would be nice if more companies took the steps necessary to produce clean energy vehicles so we’re hoping this company will serve as an example for others to follow in the future.


ILF (est. 2003) is an Indian company that manufactures electric scooters, electric maxi-scooters, and electric motorcycles. If you’re looking for something on the cheaper side to get around town on, then ILF might be of interest but their vehicles are very basic with few features like ordinary hub motors or ordinary headlights.


Zongshen (est. 1956) is a Chinese manufacturer of motorcycles, mini-bikes, scooters and electric vehicles . Their products range from small 110cc mopeds to powerful 650cc street bikes . It’s a shame this company doesn’t receive more attention because its electric motorcycle might be the most impressive of them all! The ZS-150 offers 2WD acceleration, a top speed of 90mph, and can travel 100 miles on a single charge which isn’t bad for an electric motorcycle that costs under $5,000.

Norton Motorcycles

Norton Motorcycles (est. 1898) is an English manufacturer focusing on producing modern two-wheeled motorcycles. Their models are prized for their looks but they’re not as high-performing as other brands on this list which might put off some enthusiasts who are more interested in speed.

Avanti Motorcycles

Avanti Motorcycles (est. 1993) is an Australian manufacturer of custom-built motorcycles with a focus on performance and design. They’ve won several awards over the years including the Bathurst 1000 race. If you live down under, then Avanti might be your best bet if you want to purchase one of their top-performing motorcycles because they have dealerships located within Australia.

Cleveland CycleWerks

Cleveland CycleWerks (est. 2011) is an American company that produces small-displacement fully automatic scooters meant for commuting around town. These small scooters might not be as powerful as other motorcycles on this list but they’re a great choice if you want something inexpensive and compact.


TGB (est. 1980) is an Italian company that makes a variety of electric motorcycles from 3- to 12-speed models. They have several different types, all with their own unique features so it’s worth checking out their website if you’re interested in learning more about what they have available right now.


Hyosung (est. 1974) is a South Korean company best known for its production of sport motorcycles . They’ve been around for quite some time and their bikes are used by many professional racers so they must be doing something right! Their lineup includes several models with different specs so it’s worth checking out their website if you’re interested in learning more about what they have available.

Lightning Motorcycles

Lightning Motorcycles (est. 2006) is an American manufacturer that’s currently working on building the fastest electric supermoto motorcycle in the world. Right now, we’re not sure what sorts of specs the current version has but we’re certainly excited to see how this project progresses over time because it could lead to all sorts of new developments for electric motorcycles.


Brammo (est. 2009) is an American company that currently offers the Empulse and Empulse R which are fully electric motorcycles capable of traveling 80 miles on a single charge at top speeds up to 100mph . The only downside is that they’re quite expensive so unless you have $13,000+ to spare, then don’t expect to purchase one anytime soon.

BRD Motorcycles

BRD Motorcycles (est. 2013) takes things in a different direction by developing high-performance ‘scrambler’ type motorcycles instead of sport bikes . Their designs are unlike anything else out there which might make them worth checking out if you are interested in what’s different rather than what’s fast.

Tork Motorcycles

Tork Motorcycles (est. 2010) is an Indian company that has just recently released its first model, the X-04. It’s a fully electric motorcycle and it can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge at speeds of up to 70mph. The downside? It costs more than $30,000 so it might be hard for some bikers to justify buying one when they could purchase something more affordable instead…

Is the Harley Davidson Fat Boy Good for Touring?
Is the Harley Davidson Fat Boy Good for Touring?


Harley-Davidson (est. 1903) was founded by Bill Harley and Walter Davidson so how could we forget them? It’s an American motorcycle manufacturer that produces some of the most iconic motorcycles out there like the Softail, Heritage Classic, Road King, and Sportster. They’re most popular for their V-twin design and many of their models are considered iconic because of how they look so if you want something reliable, affordable, and simply ‘cool’, then check out Harley-Davidson today.


Artefact (est. 2013) is a French company that’s currently working on developing three models of electric sport motorcycles. We’re not sure what sorts of specs these will have just yet but judging by the photos, one model will have a carbon fiber body and another will offer an electric supercharger for those who want to go even faster than normal!


Benelli (est. 1911) might be a familiar name to some because they’re an Italian company that produces motorcycles , scooters and even guns . Their motorcycles are mostly geared towards racing so if you want something fast, powerful and capable of handling all sorts of off-road terrain, then check out what they have available.

British Eagle

British Eagle (est. 1955) has been producing high-performance motorbikes since the 1950s so, at this point, it’s safe to say that they know their stuff when it comes to everything related to bikes. Their current lineup includes several models but most are sports bikes with various engines for different types of riders.

Lito Motorcycles

Lito Motorcycles (est. 2008) is a Canadian company that’s aiming to create the best and most stylish motorcycles in the world. Their lineup currently includes several models but for those who want something retro, then check out their Cafe Racer which was inspired by an old-school model from the 70s.


Merovee (est. 2011) is a French company that started out with one goal in mind – create new, innovative motorcycles. Their newest model includes an impressive battery system which gives it a range of over 500km on a single charge at speeds of up to 180 km/h!


GasGas (est. 1996) is a Spanish company that started out by building motocross bikes but has since expanded to other types of motorcycles. Their current lineup includes several models which are all built for off-road activities so if you want something rugged and able to handle anything, check them out.


Arcimoto (est. 2008) is another electric motorcycle manufacturer that’s set out to create the best possible version of an electric car . While their SRK model might not be as fast as some of the others mentioned here, it does have an impressive range of up to 93 miles on a single charge at speeds of up to 80 mph . It’s also very affordable too, costing only $12,000+.


Matra (est. 2010) is a French company focused on creating high-quality motorcycles and has quickly become one of the top brands in the industry. Their lineup includes an impressive range of bikes for both off-road and street purposes so if you’re looking for something versatile, check them out!


Gogoro (est. 2011) might not be a motorcycle manufacturer at first glance but that’s because their focus lies with scooters. However, they did create their own motorcycle dubbed the Smartscooter which can go up to 62mph and travel over 100 miles on a single charge! As we mentioned earlier, it might not be as fast or strong as some other models but it looks really cool and gets excellent gas mileage.

Local Motors

Local Motors (est. 2007) is an American company that’s been revolutionizing the way we think about manufacturing. They believe in using open source design so their products can be easily customized by buyers which results in motorcycles that are one-of-a-kind!


Vyrus (est. 2000) has built its reputation on making motorcycles that are some of the lightest and most advanced in the world. The 984 C3 4V is their latest bike which even won first place at the 2012 Bologna Motor Show, beating two other established brands! It’s not available for sale yet but those lucky enough to own one will certainly be some of the coolest people on the road.


Maico (est. 1949) is an American company that specializes in creating motorcycles for off-road use. They’ve won several awards over the years due to their innovative designs so if you enjoy venturing into the wilderness, check them out!


Scrooser (est. 2006) isn’t just trying to create high-tech electric scooters – they want to help change peoples’ lives! Their latest model includes Bluetooth speakers, extra storage space, LED lighting, cruise control, and even an app that lets the rider track various things like their speed and distance.


Greengear (est. 2010) is one of India’s top motorcycle manufacturers that produce motorbikes for racing purposes. They’ve won several awards over the years due to their innovative designs so if you enjoy going fast around a track, check them out!

After spending some time looking at this list, have you figured out which brand is your favorite yet? It’s okay if you haven’t because most motorcycle enthusiasts don’t just stick to one manufacturer when they start riding!

Instead, they’ll buy several different ones so that they always have something fun to ride regardless of what season it is or where they want to go.

If none of these brands appeal to you whatsoever, there are plenty more out there so keep looking until you find the perfect model! Most importantly, remember that safety should be your number one priority when you’re riding, not the brand of motorcycle you own.


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