We know what you’re thinking; no motorcycle brand could ever outperform a Harley Davidson motorbike. It’s true; Harley Davidson motorcycles really do have it all. Their look, style, ride quality, and performance are unmatched.

The popularity that the company has gained ever since its inception has made it the leading motorcycle brand in the world, which is a fact even non-riders can’t deny.

But there are so many other motorcycle companies which provide Harley Davidson Alternatives of the same if not better quality and they are worth considering. Every rider has their own preferences in terms of style and features and if you’re someone who isn’t very brand conscious, we’d suggest expanding your options by looking into alternative brands and what they have to offer.

Now we’re definitely not targeting die hard Harley Davidson riders (even though it wouldn’t hurt to try something new), but if you’re looking for a comfortable, fashionable, and high quality motorbike at a good price, keep on reading to find out some of the best Harley Davidson alternative brands and motorbikes.

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Indian Motorcycle

One brand that is a strong competitor for Harley Davidson is Indian Motorcycle, an American manufacturer of motorcycles. It actually entered the market before Harley Davidson back in 1901. For the last ten years, it has been constantly introducing new and innovative motorbikes that have been received positively by motorcyclists everywhere.

Its latest innovation is the 2021 Indian Scout which will now be discussed in detail.

Indian Scout 2021


  • Strong engine:

The Indian Scout has a liquid cooled V-twin 100 horsepower engine, with a fuel capacity of 3.3 gallons and the ability to generate a maximum capacity of 6000rpm.

  • Offers a comfortable ride:

The motorcycle has been designed keeping in mind the rider’s comfort. It has a low seat and lightweight frame thus making it easy to cover long distances.

  • Premium suspension:

The motorbike’s premium front suspension and Pirelli tires will serve as a protection against poorly constructed roads by absorbing any bumps that you might encounter along the way thus ensuring a smooth ride.

  • Anti-lock braking system:

With the ABS standard and its superior stopping power, your bike is sure to be protected at all times.

  • Long-lasting charging:

Having to worry about your battery dying out can be very stressful and can even cause you to lose your focus but the Indian Scout has a hidden USB port thus enabling you to charge all your devices even when you’re out on the road.

  • Customization and a variety of colors:

The best thing about the Indian Scout is that everything is customizable including seats, wheels, storage, and lighting options so you can alter the bike according to your preferences. Moreover, as the bike is available in a range of colors such as Thunder Black, Thunder Black ABS, White Smoke ABS, Deep Water Metallic ABS, and Maroon Metallic, you can choose the color that best reflects your personality and style.

  • Technological upgrades:

The 2021 Scout model was manufactured keeping the 1920 Scout in mind so it has the same headlights, handlebars, and wheels. However, some technological upgrades have been incorporated to further improve its performance e.g. a low fuel light and a lightweight cast-aluminum chassis.

Moreover, it also has a thick rim and wide tires and rather than the leather seat being suspended above the coils, it is connected to the rest of the bike.

Furthermore, with the liquid-cooled engine, along with a 6-speed transmission, the bike is able to generate enough horsepower and acceleration necessary to undertake aggressive and sporty riding.


Another motorcycle company that has successfully achieved a strong brand name for providing exceptional motorbikes is Kawasaki, a Japanese motorcycle manufacturing company that was established in 1966. While the company started off with practically nothing, its hard work and dedication have made it into the brand we all know and love today.

The company really took off with the introduction of the Mach III 500cc two-stroke triple in 1969 and after launching the legendary four-cylinder 900cc Z1 in 1973, the brand instantly caught the attention of motorcyclists and became one of the top motorcycle companies.

2021 Kawasaki Vulcan S/S Café


  • Dual throttle valves:

The 2021 Vulcan S/S Café’ includes dual throttle valves instead of large-bore throttle bodies. This means that there are two throttle valves per cylinder along with the main valve which is connected to the throttle grip and can be controlled by the rider.

The opening and closing of the dual values are done by the ECU and the main purpose of these valves is to regulate airflow intake in order to ensure a natural and linear response. As a result, it becomes much easier for the air to pass through the throttle bodies and this enables greater combustion efficiency and generation of power thus ensuring a smooth ride.

  • Economical Riding Indicator:

Kawasaki introduced this feature to help its riders maximize fuel efficiency. It basically monitors fuel consumption irrespective of vehicle speed, engine speed, throttle position, etc., and informs the rider when a low amount of fuel is being consumed. An “ECP” mark appears on the LCD screen and stays there until fuel consumption is reduced.

While this feature has a great impact on the bike’s performance, it also minimizes the negative impact on the environment.

  • Anti-lock brake system:

The great thing about this bike’s ABS is that the wheel speed can be constantly monitored using the front and rear wheel sensors. If the sensor indicates that wheel lock has occurred, the ABS acts fast by directing the pump to balance out the brake fluid pressure. This enables normal operations to resume.

  • Ergo-Fit:

Achieving the right fit is necessary for a comfortable ride and Kawasaki realizes that. That’s why the Vulcan S/S Café model includes Ergo-Fit, an interface system, which enables riders to adjust their riding position according to their riding style and physical dimensions.

The handlebar, foot controls, seat, etc. can be adjusted by the rider in order to find the perfect riding position.

Triumph Motorcycles

Triumph is a UK motorcycle manufacturing company that officially entered the market in 1983. Its high quality and reliable motorcycles have been well received by motorcyclists in different parts of the world.

The Triumph Bobber series especially gained a lot of popularity because it not looks great but also offers a superb riding experience. The 2021 Triumph Bonneville Bobber will now be discussed.

2021 Bonneville Bobber


  • High torque engine:

The motorcycle includes a high torque 1200cc engine that has greater torque than a T120. Moreover, some additional technological features that you’ll find are Road and Rain riding modes, heated grips, switchable traction control, etc.

  • Easy handling:

Just like the Classic Bobber, this model also has a low seat with an adjustable riding position. Moreover, the chassis, suspension, and frame have been designed in a manner that they are compatible with the technology used.

These features ensure a balanced and comfortable ride from start to finish and also make it easier to turn corners while riding.

  • Great soundtrack:

If you’re the kind of rider who likes to make his presence known when out on the road, you would be thrilled to find out the Bonneville engine’s twin silencers and twin airbox generate a loud and crisp sound that is bound to make heads turn.

  • 130+ Accessories:

Almost every rider wishes you to add his personal style to his motorbike and Triumph is well aware of that. With the Bonneville Bobber, you’ll find more than 130 accessories specific to style, comfort, luggage options, etc.

You can either choose your own accessories or select one of the two inspiration kits, the Quarter Mile and the Old School to create your desired bike!

  • Technologically advanced:

The Bonneville Bobber includes all the essential technical features needed to ensure high performance such as the ride-by-wire, ABS, traction control, immobilizer, etc.

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We’ve finally reached the end of our article and by now we’re hoping that we were able to change your mind about trying out motorcycle brands other than the Harley Davidson.

Motorcyclists are known to be adventurers and risk takers. They don’t believe in leading a monotonous and stagnant life. The point that we’re trying to make is that no matter how great Harley Davidson motorcycles maybe, sometimes it’s necessary to break away from the monotony and try something new.

Why not show the passion that you have regarding your life also when you’re purchasing motorbikes?

Now we’re not asking you to blindly purchase another brand’s motorbike. Do your research, list down the features that you value most in a motorcycle, find a brand that best fulfills those and try it out. What’s the worst that could happen?

We’ve even made the task easier for you by listing down the three top alternative motorcycle brands. Now the only thing really holding you back is your fear. Just remember that in the end, we only regret the things that we didn’t do.


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